Yesterday I went to the GI doctor. After giving her a list of symptoms as long as my leg and the entire story of my life for the past year, she took one look at my lab (either the TTG or the IGG, I'm not sure. I've had so many blood tests done that I can't even keep track anymore) and told me I probably do have Celiac's disease. Wonderful.

She's running a full Celiac's panel just to sure, as well as food allergy IGE (there's another five tubes of my blood for the hospital to play with) and we've scheduled an upper endoscopy for next Wednesday. So I guess we'll know for sure by then.

Part of me wants it to be true, simply because then I'll know what is wrong and I can start getting my life back (actually, I'm told that you get Celiac's disease from the first time you ever eat gluten, so if it's true my health will be better than it has have been. I wonder what it would be like to have energy. Huh. ) but most of my is praying that it isn't, because I really love flour. I love bread, and cookies and brownies and breaded chicken, and I was looking at lists of candy that have gluten in and there's a horrible amount of my favorites in there.

(Reese's minis? How will I survive without them?)

My doctor told me not to cut back on the gluten while we wait to find out, because that could make the test a false negative, so I've been gorging myself on it. There is, in fact, and open bag of Reese's minis right beside me, and yesterday I went out to eat at O'Charley's (I love their rolls. I'll miss them.) and the other day I went and ate at the Olive Garden. I'm planning on eating pizza the night before my endoscopy, because I know that ordering pizza when I'm hanging out with my friends will be something I really miss.

Oh my god. I just realized. The fried onion flower? You know, my favorite food item in the world, the thing I posted about when Writer's Block asked about our choice of last meal, the thing that I totally got excited about when Spike started going on about this "onion thing" in the later seasons of Buffy because I loved it as much as he did? Yeah. It's breaded. With flour.

Oh god. If this test is positive I'm never going to get to eat it again.


In an unrelated note, I've been rewatching a few season 1 Veronica Mars episodes today, and you know who I'm starting to ship a little? Veronica and Meg. I don't read a whole lot of femmeslash, but sometimes the idea will really stick with me. (For instance, Buffy and Faith. Despite my usual fanatic OTPness when it comes to Spuffy, whenever Buffy and Faith are in a scene together I can't help but ship them, and I was totally feeling it season 3.) Anyway. I love Veronica and Meg together, even just as good friends. Which makes what happened in season 2 all the more sad.

It's funny how much I like Alona Tal in Veronica Mars, considering how much her character Jo annoyed me in Supernatural. I don't know, her wannabe hunter act was a little annoying, and I always thought she seemed far too young for Dean. (Jo and Sam, however? I could actually see.) Of course, I absolutely loved her in her one episode in season 5, thought her character seemed a lot more grown up--more hunter than wannabe hunter, so I'm not happy about the end of that episode, considering she had just started to be awesome.

Speaking of those rare female Supernatural characters, I've been creating .avi clips to edit with (I'm vidding again! Yay! And I am so excited about what I'm working on right now.) and at the moment I'm working on season three.

Can I just say again, how much I love Ruby in that season? I mean, I realize that love for Ruby seems to be an unpopular opinion in this fandom, but I thought she was awesome in that season. Totally badass, with her confrontational attitude and her witchcraft and the way she kept saving the boys' life. I didn't trust her then, but I wanted to. And I thought she was totally more believable as the good-demon-with-regret than in season 4, where I thought her manipulation was more obvious.

I miss Katie Cassidy's Ruby. She rocked.
So, I'm only four episodes into season 2, and I have to say, as much as I'm enjoying this show, I'm not really digging how they're handling the romance in it this season. Last season I thought it was cute--tentative flirting, banter, awkward moments--all good stuff there. Now it just seems very abrupt and over the top. Especially Lancelot. All his conversations are so dramatic and flowery they make me cringe.

Also, I sometimes think the score is a little over-dramatic, especially when coupled with excessive slow motion scenes.

All this is balanced by several good things though: the banter scenes between Arthur and Merlin (there needs to be more!), the strong friendship between Morgana and Gwen, and just Morgana's story line in general--her unsteady relationship with Uther, her developing powers, the weird/creepy bond thingy she has going on with Mordred. I'm interested in how this is going to pan out.

These things make the annoying romance stuff a little easier to deal with.
When I'm laying down my cat likes to curl up in the crook of my arm, rest her head on my chest and knead my neck and shoulder as I pet her. Since getting my tonsils removed however, my neck is swollen and tender and it hurts when she does that. I've been lying in bed for a week now, which she has seen as ample opportunity to curl up with me, but she gets very confused and upset when I push her away from my neck. She's at the foot of my bed right now, sulking.

Poor thing. Mommy still loves you, I swear.

Even if you do have an annoying habit of peeing on my bedroom floor. *sigh*

Seventh day since getting my tonsils removed, and I'm still not talking, just gesturing and writing things down. My dad keeps trying to get me to talk, saying that I need to or my throat won't heal right--which is utter bull shit, 'cause I know people who didn't say a word for at least two weeks after getting their tonsils removed and their fine. It hurts when I talk, and I sound like I'm deaf so people have trouble understanding me, so I don't see the point.

I think the scabs in the back of my throat are about ready to fall off, which is gross and uncomfortable. I keep eating popsicles. I didn't like them at the beginning--too cold--but they're doing wonders to sooth my throat now that it's all scratchy from the scabs.

I've cut down on the pain medicine--only taking it about twice a day now--which is good, because it made me feel nauseous and it burned going down, making me gag and cry.

All in all, this has been a very unpleasant experience, to say the least. But my doctor's tell me it was worth it--apparently my tonsils were far more infected than I thought. They said it was the worse they'd seen in a while.

Big Bang reveal was posted. I'm so excited about my artist. I can't wait to see what she comes up with. :D
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( May. 4th, 2010 05:17 am)
Guess what flist? Having your tonsils ripped out kinda hurts.

And waking up twice an hour to force down water and popsicles sucks, but I accidentally slept three hours straight and when I woke up my entire throat was dry and on fire and that sucked more.

Haven't made way though any of those recs yet, mostly because my uvula is so swollen it feels like it's choking me, so I have to lay on my side, which isn't the best position for reading on the computer.

I have started watching Merlin to keep me occupied in the times I'm not sleeping. Started shipping Merlin/Arthur about seven minutes into the first episode, of course.

The dragon scenes kinda annoy me thought. It's always the same thing: you can't fight destiny Merlin, you are one side of a coin Merlin, I'm going to be boring and cryptic and then dramatically fly away Merlin, so you should just. stop. coming. back.

So, tomorrow I'm getting my tonsils removed--because apparently I have the tonsils of a five year old and they are so big that they are blocking my airway when I sleep, preventing me from getting good REM sleep. The doctor tells that it's probably been that way for years and is another reason why I'm so tired all the time.

Anyway, they tell me I have to stay in bed and take it easy for at least a week after, so I was hoping you guys could do me a favor.

Recommend me some of your favorite hurt/comfort fics. Supernatural, J2, Buffy, Doctor Who, Dark Angel, Veronica Mars, House, White Collar, Castle... Basically, if you know I watch it/read it and you like it, please tell me what it is. Long or short.

And if you know of something that isn't necessarily h/c, but love it so much you just have to share it? Go right ahead. I just need stuff to read. ;)

To be honest, I'm a little nervous about tomorrow. I've never had any kind of surgery before, nor put under anesthesia, and the idea of being unconscious and unable to wake up while strangers mess with my body kinda freaks me out. Just a whee bit.

I'm also not too happy with this whole no eating/drinking after midnight thing. I'm a night owl, and a notorious midnight snacker, and now I feel like a Mogwai or something. Like I'll turn into a gremlin if I eat after midnight.

At least I don't have crazy clones/children pop out of my back when I shower.
Sooooo tired. But I can't sleep. So I'm trying to write, because I'm waaay behind on my Big Bang and only have like, five days to finish, but I'm having trouble concentrating. I'm the kind of tired where I can't fall asleep and all I want to do is turn on a movie or something and sort of doze through it, but I can't do that.

I'm considering coffee at this point, even though I hate it. But I know making it in the middle of the night will just wake everyone else in the house up.

First thought for tonight: This episode was really, really gross.

More thoughts on tonight's ep--Spoilers )

Oh, and six weeks hiatus? What the hell is up with that? We just got back from a hiatus!
I've been thinking about the similarities between some the het pairings that I like, and also on how those pairings are often portrayed in fandom. Behind the cut is a long meta post about how often the female character of the pairing is excessively hated on in fandom, even in pairings we like.

Meta on Dark Angel Max/Alec, Spuffy and Veronica/Logan )
How can the tone of this season be so much grimmer, yet the episodes far more ridiculous? I just don't understand...

And where is my Herbal? He was my favorite!

So, last season I was shipping Logan/Max pretty hardcore. Now, I'm starting to feel some Max/Alec. I'm convinced all their bickering is suppressed sexual tension. And that when he told Asha to fortify herself for the news about Max's virus, that was exactly what he was doing when he was downing scotch after scotch.

I don't know, but last season the whole Max/Logan thing was cute, this season it's kind of a drag. Also, the differences between season 1 Max and season 2 Max make her seem like a completely different person. I don't think I'd ship season 1 Max with Alec, but this season I can totally see it.

(Anybody sick of my Dark Angel rambling yet? I'd apologize for spamming you, but I'm stuck in my apartment, alone, suffering from some insomnia and bored out of my freakin mind. All I have to keep me occupied watching this show and then babbling about it.)
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( Feb. 6th, 2010 03:43 am)
Jensen! JensenJensenJensen!

Okay, I knew he came in during season two but I had no idea to expect him in season 1. I'm a little confused as to how it's going to work next season though.

Wow. He looked so young. And pretty. :) And his voice was a WHOLE lot smoother. Really, what's up with the Dean voice? Getting gruffer and gruffer, like he's batman or something. Hah. Maybe that's the explanation, Dean is imitating his idol. :D

So, yeah, Jensen was a pretty crier in this show too, and yeah, it did make me cry a little as well. I felt so bad for him at the end. But ooo.. you could see his freckles much better in this show... *unapologetic fangirl*
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( Feb. 1st, 2010 08:29 pm)
Watched the most recent episode of Castle (Did you know I watch Castle, flist? I don't talk about it much since I don't follow it as religiously as I do other shows). I thought it was adorable. I mean, the attraction between the main characters was supposed to be obvious from the first ep, and it is, but I liked this whole date thing. And she was twirling her hair at the end! And he didn't even notice. I love it when the romantic pairing are oblivious. I think it's adorable. :D

Also, loved Becket's dress in this ep.

I need a Castle icon...

Edit: Castle icon! *points up*
I had the weirdest Buffy/Spike reunion dream last night. With like, touches of Dollhouse in it.

Three Buffy/Spike Reunion Scenes Here! )

All in all, it was a pretty good dream.
So, with the whole, having money and slightly more energy thing, I might have been a little overambitious with my plans. I was supposed to go out for drinks with a friend to a bar I've been wanting to visit tonight, but after just three days of classes, and waking up early every morning to my medication, and the half hour walk through the rain in the middle of fucking January that it takes to get to my classes (and of course, the walk back) I am exhausted. And I don't want to go back out in this horrible weather.

The good thing is, my friend is very understanding, and she's coming over for junk food and movies and I'm making us drinks instead. Which is more to my energy level right now. So yay.

Using the Veronica icon because Kate's the one who introduced me to the show. To return the favor, I'm trying to talk her into Supernatural. She already watches Buffy. It's how we bonded.
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( Jan. 14th, 2010 08:09 am)
I just had a weird dream. Cool, but weird.

I was at my high school graduation, being all "Yay! Done with this stupid school forever!" when there was an attack, like bombs and guns going off everywhere. Except the people who were shooting were dressed like they wer from the future. Me and my two sisters, Salena and Emily, were separated from the rest of our family and we were running for our lives. We were almost killed, but then rescued by some other people who looked like they were from the future, and who said they would take us to their base for protection. However before they could they had to give us a shot of something. Next thing I know they grab my arms and stuck a giant needle into my hip (why hip?) and I blacked out.

When I woke up it was three years later and I was in some strange, underground base.

I flipped out because I thought that what they gave me had put into some kind of coma, or maybe they were experimenting on my that whole time or whatever, but then my older sister showed up, dressed in like, worn futuristic army clothes, and told me that the shot they gave me didn't put me in a coma, that it was simply a way to get into the base since there was a security scanner that wouldn't let anybody in unless they had that stuff in their bloodstream. She also told me that I was awake for the past three years and I was a soldier in an underground rebellion type thing. The reason I couldn't remember was because I chose to leave and I wanted to have the last three years of my memories removed and replaced with fake ones, (very Men In Black and Torchwood of them).

However, before they could give me those new memories and start me in my new life, our little sister, Emily, who was also in the rebellion, went missing. They thought she had been kidnapped by the government or whatever they were fighting against, and they needed my help to get her back.

And that's where I woke up. It was kind of like the prologue to long ass sci fi story. Like I said, cool, but weird.
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( Dec. 15th, 2009 04:47 am)
There are ants. Everywhere. I mean just, all over my room. I don't know exactly when this happened. All I know is that I was sitting on my bed, writing, and I noticed an ant crawling along the top of my computer screen. I thought, shit, turned around, and there they were. All over the wall above my head, all over my headboard, and of course, all over my pillows.

Hundreds of them.


I am so grossed out right now.

This is like the third time I've posted about a mass amount of ants appearing in this journal. I'm kind of sick of it. Bleh. I hate bugs.

So, I don't have any food or anything in my room, just a few empty water bottles. But guess who is doing some mass cleaning tomorrow? That's right. Guess I'll just camp out on the couch till then.

Ugh. Ants. I hate them.

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( Dec. 8th, 2009 01:04 am)
So, I didn't like the gray. At least, not with my stories. My regular entry, sure. But I know when I read a story I like a light background and nice spacing, and my last layout didn't do that. So! Lighter colors and simpler design here.

But what's really cool is the header.

It rotates! Seriously, refresh my journal, different header every time! Woot!

Haha, I'm so excited over this. And it took me for freaking ever to learn how to do this. I mean, I had to find an understandable tutorial, and then a code that actually worked with LJ, figure out how to combine it with the CSS needed for a header in Expressive, then I had to find a webspace host for images and files, and since I'm completely new to that, I had to take tutorials on just how to use the host, and of course, then there's making all the headers and well.. yeah.

For freaking ever.

But it rotates!

Go on! Clicky! Refresh! Stare in awe at the new image every time!

Alright, so it's late and I need sleep. I may be too excited over this. I'm gonna wait till later to change my mood theme and go on an epic search for animated supernatural sidebar images.

Gah, that advertisement placement really annoys me though. I'm pretty sure with flexible squares I could choose to have the advertisement at after everything else on my sidebar, but when I tried it with expressive it just didn't work. *sigh* That's what I get for not having a paid account.

Anyway, now that I have used hours on this layout, I'm gonna go back to writing the Christmas story I wasn't going to write. *sigh*
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( Dec. 1st, 2009 05:56 am)
Read a story that dealt with dragons today and it got me in the mood for some more, so I sat down and watched an old favorite of mine: Dragonheart. (Sean Connery! Dennis Quaid! Yay!)I remember going to see this movie at the drive in when I was little, this and I think, like Twister or something. Pay once, watch both movies, you know. (That was before they tore the drive in here down and built cheep houses on it. It's sad, another childhood tradition, gone.)

Anyway, after I watched I started wondering if there was any fanfiction for it and what it was like. Here I am, thinking of what great opportunities there are for character studies--Einan, lack of love from an absent father causing him to seek approval from the two father figures in his life: Bowen, whose praise is hard to earn because he has such high standards and expects so much from him, and Brok, who is second in command to the father he idolizes and whose praise is easily given; Aislinn, married to a man she hates and watching a son grow to be so much like him; Bowen, broken hearted over Einan's betrayal and disillusioned and bitter with the world around him; and of course Draco, having to watch the rest of his kind die off as well as being the inadvertent cause to all the misery around him, longing for death because it is the only that would assuage his guilt and set things right, but fearing it at the same time.

There's great stuff here!

But what do I get out of the fanfiction I find?

The spy girl who is sent into Einan's castle to kill him but actually falls in love with him, the peasant girl Eianan meets who gentles his cruel heart, the Missing Twin of Kara who he falls in love with instead of her, who of course sees the scared and lonely little boy underneath the crown and bad hair that Kara never could.

Blech. Blech and ick. I mean, Eianan!

And that is of course, out of the ones that were not about that godawful sequel. Double blech.

Dude! I totally just realized that the guy who plays Einan plays Remus in the Harry Potter movie. Hah.


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