How can the tone of this season be so much grimmer, yet the episodes far more ridiculous? I just don't understand...

And where is my Herbal? He was my favorite!

So, last season I was shipping Logan/Max pretty hardcore. Now, I'm starting to feel some Max/Alec. I'm convinced all their bickering is suppressed sexual tension. And that when he told Asha to fortify herself for the news about Max's virus, that was exactly what he was doing when he was downing scotch after scotch.

I don't know, but last season the whole Max/Logan thing was cute, this season it's kind of a drag. Also, the differences between season 1 Max and season 2 Max make her seem like a completely different person. I don't think I'd ship season 1 Max with Alec, but this season I can totally see it.

(Anybody sick of my Dark Angel rambling yet? I'd apologize for spamming you, but I'm stuck in my apartment, alone, suffering from some insomnia and bored out of my freakin mind. All I have to keep me occupied watching this show and then babbling about it.)


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