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( Feb. 6th, 2010 12:12 am)
The lights keep flickering in and out at my apartment. Man, I really hope the power doesn't go out. Power outage won't be as fun without my siblings to play cards by candle light with.

I don't think we even have candles here...
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( Feb. 6th, 2010 03:43 am)
Jensen! JensenJensenJensen!

Okay, I knew he came in during season two but I had no idea to expect him in season 1. I'm a little confused as to how it's going to work next season though.

Wow. He looked so young. And pretty. :) And his voice was a WHOLE lot smoother. Really, what's up with the Dean voice? Getting gruffer and gruffer, like he's batman or something. Hah. Maybe that's the explanation, Dean is imitating his idol. :D

So, yeah, Jensen was a pretty crier in this show too, and yeah, it did make me cry a little as well. I felt so bad for him at the end. But ooo.. you could see his freckles much better in this show... *unapologetic fangirl*
Alright, I'm not sure I'm liking the whole animal spliced transgenic mutants thing. Wilson's expression in this icon pretty much reflects my face half the time when the show deals with that stuff. And the halloween episode was just extremely hard for me to get through.

Also, I liked Max's hair better in season 1, not to mention her attitude. She's all boring and mopey right now, and her hair reflects that.

On the other hand:

Jensen! JensenJensenJensen!

I just adore Alec.


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