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( May. 4th, 2010 05:17 am)
Guess what flist? Having your tonsils ripped out kinda hurts.

And waking up twice an hour to force down water and popsicles sucks, but I accidentally slept three hours straight and when I woke up my entire throat was dry and on fire and that sucked more.

Haven't made way though any of those recs yet, mostly because my uvula is so swollen it feels like it's choking me, so I have to lay on my side, which isn't the best position for reading on the computer.

I have started watching Merlin to keep me occupied in the times I'm not sleeping. Started shipping Merlin/Arthur about seven minutes into the first episode, of course.

The dragon scenes kinda annoy me thought. It's always the same thing: you can't fight destiny Merlin, you are one side of a coin Merlin, I'm going to be boring and cryptic and then dramatically fly away Merlin, so you should just. stop. coming. back.



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