I've been thinking about the similarities between some the het pairings that I like, and also on how those pairings are often portrayed in fandom. Behind the cut is a long meta post about how often the female character of the pairing is excessively hated on in fandom, even in pairings we like.

Meta on Dark Angel Max/Alec, Spuffy and Veronica/Logan )
Reworking the layout at the moment. Might look a little weird for a bit.
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( Feb. 10th, 2010 06:54 am)
Alright, I think this one is gonna stick for a while. I put a whole lot more work into this one than the others--I've never edited a custom layout to suit me before so it took hours to get it done, going through all that code to figure out what colors codes were for what. Gah. Anyway.

The header still rotates! And I'm much more proud of this one. I only have six images in the rotating file, so I'll probably add more (That's the beauty of this design, every time I get into a new fandom I can just add another header to the file!), maybe even exchange a few since some images got a little grainy after I resized them. But they'll all follow the same design.

So come look! Refresh! See how it rotates. (Wow, I've used this code for months now and I still find it exciting. Haha.) Tell me what you think!

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