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( Jan. 14th, 2010 08:09 am)
I just had a weird dream. Cool, but weird.

I was at my high school graduation, being all "Yay! Done with this stupid school forever!" when there was an attack, like bombs and guns going off everywhere. Except the people who were shooting were dressed like they wer from the future. Me and my two sisters, Salena and Emily, were separated from the rest of our family and we were running for our lives. We were almost killed, but then rescued by some other people who looked like they were from the future, and who said they would take us to their base for protection. However before they could they had to give us a shot of something. Next thing I know they grab my arms and stuck a giant needle into my hip (why hip?) and I blacked out.

When I woke up it was three years later and I was in some strange, underground base.

I flipped out because I thought that what they gave me had put into some kind of coma, or maybe they were experimenting on my that whole time or whatever, but then my older sister showed up, dressed in like, worn futuristic army clothes, and told me that the shot they gave me didn't put me in a coma, that it was simply a way to get into the base since there was a security scanner that wouldn't let anybody in unless they had that stuff in their bloodstream. She also told me that I was awake for the past three years and I was a soldier in an underground rebellion type thing. The reason I couldn't remember was because I chose to leave and I wanted to have the last three years of my memories removed and replaced with fake ones, (very Men In Black and Torchwood of them).

However, before they could give me those new memories and start me in my new life, our little sister, Emily, who was also in the rebellion, went missing. They thought she had been kidnapped by the government or whatever they were fighting against, and they needed my help to get her back.

And that's where I woke up. It was kind of like the prologue to long ass sci fi story. Like I said, cool, but weird.


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