So, with the whole, having money and slightly more energy thing, I might have been a little overambitious with my plans. I was supposed to go out for drinks with a friend to a bar I've been wanting to visit tonight, but after just three days of classes, and waking up early every morning to my medication, and the half hour walk through the rain in the middle of fucking January that it takes to get to my classes (and of course, the walk back) I am exhausted. And I don't want to go back out in this horrible weather.

The good thing is, my friend is very understanding, and she's coming over for junk food and movies and I'm making us drinks instead. Which is more to my energy level right now. So yay.

Using the Veronica icon because Kate's the one who introduced me to the show. To return the favor, I'm trying to talk her into Supernatural. She already watches Buffy. It's how we bonded.


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