I think my mother is having some kind of OCD freak out. She's been vacuuming her room for two days now, and half an hour ago she had me vacuum her bed with the vacuum nozzle inch by inch, because she'd already done it twice and she didn't have an energy for a third time. Yesterday she was frantically stomping around the house with a bottle of Windex in one hand and a fly swatter in the other, and kept saying things like "There can be a thousand dust mites in just a dot the size of a pin! A pin!" Today she started screaming at my dad because he apparently didn't wash his hands well enough from when he came in from the outside and she could see the dirt he left everywhere. It took her the entire cupboard of cups to find one she could drink out of because she said every single cup was dirty even though I went and looked through them and there was nothing wrong with them.

She's rather scary at the moment and I've been hiding in my room or outside, and happily took the errand of running to get her a whole new set of pillows (because her old ones could have too many dust mites) just so I could get away.

She also keeps yelling at me for being tired all the time and dozing off every time I sit down--even though she knows that it's not my fault and it's not like I'm just being lazy. I can't help it, I'm tired all the time and the doctor refuses to up my medication. *growls in frustration*


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