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( Jul. 13th, 2009 09:02 pm)
Got this from [ profile] mephistopholes.

When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

So, these aren't all the WIPs I have on my computer, and some of them might very well forever regulated to WIP status, but here we go.

For Empty Hands (Heroes, Matt/Mohinder )

Untitled (Star Trek 2009, Kirk/Spock) )

Untitled (BtVS, Spike/Buffy) )

Untitled (Doctor Who, Ten/Rose, Ten II/Rose) )

Replacements (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Doctor/Rose, Jake/Mickey and whole bunch of other people )
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( May. 1st, 2009 02:52 am)
Whee! Photoshop is fun! And since I just got done watching Heroes I thought I'd do something for it. So what if it's season one? I liked the scene and they both are very pretty.

Something Extraordinary )
So, I just finished season 3 of Heroes. Thoughts under cut.

Thoughts )
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( Apr. 28th, 2009 10:11 pm)
So, now that the season finale is over, I have started watching Heroes again. (I like to watch this show all together, watching week to week drives me insane.) I'm not very far into the season, but already I'm upset with what they are dong to my favorite characters. :(

Also, I've never been too much of a femmeslasher, but watching the scene with Elle and Claire on the plane, and I am suddenly shipping them.

And man, does Sylar have a serious Oedipus Complex or what?

Update on the Drabbles: I'm working on them, but it's taking longer than I thought because some of them aren't so...drabblish. It seems I can't keep things under a hundred words. Or even two hundred words.

Or in the case of the one I am writing right now... five hundred words. *sigh*
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( Jan. 2nd, 2009 03:22 am)
I figured since I wrote more last year, than any other (and actually started to post them on livejournal), it would be a good idea to have a post with links to all of them. Organization is a good thing! (Hah. Like I ever follow that belief. In truth, I'm bored.)

Edited: This has been changed to a post that has links to all my fiction, instead of just what I wrote in 2008. Will be edited as more stories are written.

Fics by Fandom )

Buffy the Vampire Slayer )

Dollhouse )

Doctor Who )

Torchwood )

Firefly )

House MD )

Jumper )

Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles )

Misc. )
So, I had this idea early today, and it's just a short little, less than five hundred word ficlet that gave me a whole lot of trouble. While I was TRYING to write it, my mom kept coming in to have me do errands: pick emily up from Mammaw's, take her to tennis, go to the bank, go to the post office, go clean up the basement, go back to Mammaw's and check her mail, help her fix dinner, go back AGAIN to Mammaw's to give her a plate of said dinner... Because of all this, this little ficlet took almost SIX HOURS to write. And it was one of those times where I had everything already written out in my head. Well by the time I got around to finishing it, it wasn't exactly how I first imagined it, bu I like it anyway. 

Title: They Were Always
Author: Aisalynn
Fandom: Heroes
Parinig/Characters: Peter/Claire (canon)
Rating: PG
Summary: They were the constants. They were always the same.

Title: Symphony of Three
Author: Aisalynn
Fandom: Heroes
Characters: Matt, Mohinder and Molly
Rating: PG
Summary: Matt deals with the thoughts he hears from the criminals he deals with all day.



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