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Day 02 - A show that you wish more people were watching.

So, I'm going to change this a little (Yes, I know, I never keep to the rules) and talk about a show I wish more people had watched. Because I really wish it hadn't been canceled, even if it did have five seasons (more like four and a half), but mostly because I just really want to talk about it.

Boston Legal

I love this show. My mother was the one who got me into it, she rented the first season and watched it and then tried to get me to. At first I just rolled my eyes and was all "Oh, great, another law show," but she pressured me into it, assuring me it was fantastically written so I gave it a try and I am SO GLAD I did.

It IS fantastically written, and the characters are ridiculous and awesome and so funny. The cases the show deal with range from serious and heart breaking to out of this world insane--and even then there is usually a twist that brings on the serious side. It was running commentary on social events and the mind set of people here in America, and a lot of the (admittedly, over the top) speeches that they (mostly the character Alan) gave really made you think. And the show is constantly breaking the fourth wall in the funnest ways--many times to bitch about the network it was on because they kept doing this to mess them up--and I love stuff like that.

But my favorite thing has to be the relationship between Denny Crane and Alan Shore (played by William Shatner and James Spader). Denny is a big time lawyer living off the memory of his glory days who might possibly have Alzheimer's (though he refers to it as the "mad cow"). He's constantly trying to prove that he isn't as gone as the rest of the firm believes he is while at the same time trying to be as weird and crazy as possible--sticking smoking cigars in his ears (keeps them guessing, he says), dressing up as a flamingo for Halloween, shooting people with paint ball guns, buying a custom made blow up doll in the likeness of his ex-lover and still friend Shirley Shmidt, and trying to sleep with just about everyone. His character constantly makes ridiculous statements, and it's hard to tell when he's being serious and when he's just being Denny.

Alan is Denny's best friend and only came to the firm because of him. He hits on just about everyone and in a really oily, lecherous way, and yet somehow this becomes an endearing quality, because despite his sarcasm and the way he is constantly at odds with everyone (besides Denny) he is a good person. He's usually the first to jump on a soap box and preach at the jury, and he often takes the seemingly stupid, ridiculous or hopeless cases and then argues them in a way that shows you how not stupid they are at all. He tends to befriend the weirdos in the firm-- the people who get put down and not taken seriously, and is always there to help them out or defend them. He's extremely passionate and very good at this job, though half the time it seems everyone at the firm hates him. (He's totally my favorite character. I LOVE him.)

Denny and Alan are ridiculous together-- they take trips to a fishing lodge in Canada where they end up spooning, they wear matching Halloween costumes (flamingos!), they dance with each other in Denny' office, they go to the spa together and share a milk bath, they have sleep overs where they eat popcorn and smores and Alan ties himself to Denny so he won't get up and walk off the balcony in the middle of the night because of his night terrors, and at the end of every episode they sit together on Denny's balcony and drink scotch and smoke cigars. Their relationship sometimes seems like a father and son one, sometimes it seems like they're married, and sometimes they fight--over Denny shooting a homeless man with a paint ball gun, or whether or not Alan can sleep with Shirley, Denny's ex--but no matter what happens it obvious that these two love each other very, very much. Their devotion to and support of each other make this show, in my opinion, and put more traditional story line loves--the epic romance, for instance--to shame.

Flamingos. &hearts &hearts

So. Even though the show is no longer airing, you should still GO WATCH THIS SHOW.

And then write me fanfic.

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