Wow. Haven't done this in a while.

Credit if you take, and please no hotlinking. And remember comments are love. &hearts

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they're really cute! <3 teary-eyed Dean.

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I took this one, thanks! Ack, can't look at poor teary!Dean.

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Taking the first two, mkay?
That scene was such love.

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These are great!

Thank you, thank you, thank you...I have been looking for the beaten!Dean in front of the Impala kneeling over where Sam disappeard since last night! So, obviously, snagging!

Will credit!

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Taking 1 & 2 *points icon*... just, oh, I love them! <3 thanks :3

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Great icons, I'm taking the ones with teary eyed Dean. Seriously somebody needed to hug Dean in that scene!

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Ahhhh ;_(\ These are wonderful! Grabbing a few, thank you for posting these!

From: [identity profile]

Taking number one! Goooorgeous! :D

Thanks for sharing!

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<3 amaze, the way you got them up so fast!

From: [identity profile]

beautiful!--snagged one, will credit when used
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From: [personal profile] aghostofasmile

Taking #1, #2 and #10. Gorgeous icons. I will credit! Thank you!


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