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Hmmm... They don't go together, but I would want steak fajitas with the works--rice, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, onions, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, goat cheese--all that good stuff, and a fried blooming onion with the spicy ranch sauce that goes with it--specifically the one from the Lonestar in my town. And for desert? My grandmother's home made peanut butter and chocolate fudge.

I really want Mexican food right now. So bad.

In other news, went to the dentist today. It was probably the best dentist visit I've ever had--most of the dental work took place outside of my mouth. I had the permanent cap put in, and the dentist kept having to take it out and drill it down to fit my bite. It still doesn't feel like it fits, but my sister who just had a cap three months ago says I'll get used to it. It's really weird. I think the impression they did two weeks ago was a little off, 'cause the tooth kind of bubbles in the back for no reason. It feels like some ceramic blob in mouth.

I miss my old tooth, hollowed out and root canaled though it was.
[Error: unknown template qotd] The Doctor, no question about it. It doesn't matter if it's Nine or Ten, I just know that if I was with him I'd never get bored on the island, we'd probably find some weird alien or supernatural thing to investigate/ save the world from, and if he had the TARDIS, I wouldn't be stranded. (Whether or not I'd actually want to leave the island is another matter.) 


I'm bored and at the library again, waiting for my next classes to start. I have Communication and my English class later today, the communication being the small lab thing, rather than the lecture to 500+ people. Which was taught by a woman with an extremely high voice in a hot pink dress suit and like, six inch black heels, who spent the last half othe class talking about her three kids and all their athletic accomplishments. 

It was not fun. 

Still haven't gotten my books yet, having issues with the loan. I wish all of it would just hurry up, I'm getting kind of anxious.
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 We have this DVD player at home that my dad bought a couple years ago. It's supposed to be this expensive, top-of-the-line player...but it does. not. work. Seriously, like, halfway through the film (and always on the good spots) it will stop and freeze and then play and then freeze and then play and freeze until finally it just completely freaks out and you can't even turn it off. You have to unplug it. And it's the dvd player hooked up to the big screen TV, so its the one we use the most, especially when we have company over.

My dad refuses to get rid of it and buy another, even though everybody in the house hates this thing. We all call it that "Stupid piece of shit DVD player."

I've always had this daydream of taking a sledgehammer and completely destroying the thing, and then tossing it into the pool and watch water sink into its every oriface, destroying every piece of machinery in it.

But a crowbar would work just as well.



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