Title: From the Dust of Earth Returning
Song: Mass from Jekyll and Hyde, the Gothic Musical Thriller
Warnings: Spoilers for season five finale.

Summary: Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord.

From the Dust of Earth Returning from Aisalynn on Vimeo.

Or download Here
It's finished!! I can't tell you how excited I am to be posting this. It's been months of downloading and converting video files, months of planning this vid out, and about two weeks working on it. The actual vidding would have gone a lot faster if my computer would have stopped crashing all the time though. *sigh* Stupid Adobe Premiere. So frustrating.

Anyway. Like I said, I've been wanting to vid to this song for months now, but then the finale happened and there was all that Impala love in it, and I just had to redo the whole plan. So here it is, the first video I've made in a year (which meant I had to relearn everything I learned before. Especially when it came to things like aspect ratio, exporting, codecs and converting. Gah. What a pain.). Hope you like. :) Credits at the end of the vid.

Download Link

Yesterday I went to the GI doctor. After giving her a list of symptoms as long as my leg and the entire story of my life for the past year, she took one look at my lab (either the TTG or the IGG, I'm not sure. I've had so many blood tests done that I can't even keep track anymore) and told me I probably do have Celiac's disease. Wonderful.

She's running a full Celiac's panel just to sure, as well as food allergy IGE (there's another five tubes of my blood for the hospital to play with) and we've scheduled an upper endoscopy for next Wednesday. So I guess we'll know for sure by then.

Part of me wants it to be true, simply because then I'll know what is wrong and I can start getting my life back (actually, I'm told that you get Celiac's disease from the first time you ever eat gluten, so if it's true my health will be better than it has have been. I wonder what it would be like to have energy. Huh. ) but most of my is praying that it isn't, because I really love flour. I love bread, and cookies and brownies and breaded chicken, and I was looking at lists of candy that have gluten in and there's a horrible amount of my favorites in there.

(Reese's minis? How will I survive without them?)

My doctor told me not to cut back on the gluten while we wait to find out, because that could make the test a false negative, so I've been gorging myself on it. There is, in fact, and open bag of Reese's minis right beside me, and yesterday I went out to eat at O'Charley's (I love their rolls. I'll miss them.) and the other day I went and ate at the Olive Garden. I'm planning on eating pizza the night before my endoscopy, because I know that ordering pizza when I'm hanging out with my friends will be something I really miss.

Oh my god. I just realized. The fried onion flower? You know, my favorite food item in the world, the thing I posted about when Writer's Block asked about our choice of last meal, the thing that I totally got excited about when Spike started going on about this "onion thing" in the later seasons of Buffy because I loved it as much as he did? Yeah. It's breaded. With flour.

Oh god. If this test is positive I'm never going to get to eat it again.


In an unrelated note, I've been rewatching a few season 1 Veronica Mars episodes today, and you know who I'm starting to ship a little? Veronica and Meg. I don't read a whole lot of femmeslash, but sometimes the idea will really stick with me. (For instance, Buffy and Faith. Despite my usual fanatic OTPness when it comes to Spuffy, whenever Buffy and Faith are in a scene together I can't help but ship them, and I was totally feeling it season 3.) Anyway. I love Veronica and Meg together, even just as good friends. Which makes what happened in season 2 all the more sad.

It's funny how much I like Alona Tal in Veronica Mars, considering how much her character Jo annoyed me in Supernatural. I don't know, her wannabe hunter act was a little annoying, and I always thought she seemed far too young for Dean. (Jo and Sam, however? I could actually see.) Of course, I absolutely loved her in her one episode in season 5, thought her character seemed a lot more grown up--more hunter than wannabe hunter, so I'm not happy about the end of that episode, considering she had just started to be awesome.

Speaking of those rare female Supernatural characters, I've been creating .avi clips to edit with (I'm vidding again! Yay! And I am so excited about what I'm working on right now.) and at the moment I'm working on season three.

Can I just say again, how much I love Ruby in that season? I mean, I realize that love for Ruby seems to be an unpopular opinion in this fandom, but I thought she was awesome in that season. Totally badass, with her confrontational attitude and her witchcraft and the way she kept saving the boys' life. I didn't trust her then, but I wanted to. And I thought she was totally more believable as the good-demon-with-regret than in season 4, where I thought her manipulation was more obvious.

I miss Katie Cassidy's Ruby. She rocked.
So I haven't watched any Supernatural since the finale, nor have I, thanks to my new obsession with Merlin, read a lot of fic for it either. But this morning I got a real craving for both, specifically season 2 stuff. I ended up watching What Is and What Should Never Be and there's this bit of dialogue when Sam gets in the car with Dean and insists that whatever Dean is doing he's not doing it alone that I found familiar.

Dean: I don't understand. Why are you doing this?

Sam: Because you're still my brother.

Now, compare this to the scene in Point of No Return where Sam frees Dean from the handcuffs and tells him that he's going with Sam and Cas to rescue Adam.

Dean: I don't get it, Sam, why you doing this?

Sam: Because you're still my big brother.

HEE. &hearts

Maybe I'm slow and everybody realized this the minute they saw this scene, but it made me happy this morning and I thought I'd share. :)

Also, was Dean's aborted attempt at a Bitch/Jerk moment in WIWSNB the last one we see on the show? 'Cause if so it's been far too long and I really think there needs to be another. Come on, Sera, bring the Bitch/Jerk back.

And maybe some Winchester hugs. I was really disappointed we didn't get one this season.
Wow. Haven't done this in a while.

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( May. 14th, 2010 11:39 am)
Dude, I just thought of something. I mean, if the ending with Chuck means what I think it's implying.

Cut for spoilers )
Title: Between These Four Wheels
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Lisa, Sam. GEN
Rating: PG13 for language.
Warnings: Spoilers for the finale.

Summary: Coda to 5x22, Swan Song.

Dean reminds himself that he doesn't break promises )
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( May. 14th, 2010 12:19 am)
Um, I'm a little confused. Can anyone tell me why [livejournal.com profile] spnforthesane was deleted?
What. The. Fuck.

Chuck? What? Sammy? What?


I just. I don't even know.

I'm just going to cry a little, and then try to speed up time by the force of my will so that it's already time for Season 6.

When you see this message, post in your journal with your favorite Season 5 SPN quote.

But I'm totally going to cheat because I can't decide. (Sorry)

SO. My top FIVE Supernatural Season 5 quotes.

1. I don't know if it's being a big brother or what, but to me, you've always been this snot-nosed kid that I've had to keep on the straight and narrow. I think we both know that that's not you anymore. I mean, hell, if you're grown-up enough to find faith in me…the least I can do is return the favor. -Dean, Point of No Return

2. I saw your eyes. You were totally rockin’ the “yes” back there. So, what changed your mind?

Honestly? The damnedest thing. I mean, the world’s ending. The walls are coming down on us, and I look over to you and all I can think about is, “this stupid son of a bitch brought me here.” I just didn’t want to let you down. -Sam and Dean, Point of No Return

3. You know, if tables were turned…I’d let you rot in here. Hell, I have let you rot in here.

Yeah, well…I guess I’m not that smart.

I—I don’t get it. Sam, why are you doing this?

Because… you’re still my big brother.
-Dean and Sam, Point of No Return

4. You know Sam and Dean Winchester are psychotically, irrationally, erotically codependent on each other, right? -Zachariah, Point of No Return

(Yeah, I know. A lot of quotes from that ep. But it was just packed with good stuff!)


5. So everyone gets their own slice of Heaven?

Pretty much. A few people share. Special cases. Whatnot.

What do you mean special?

Oh, you know, like soul mates.
-Dean and Ash, Dark Side of the Moon.

You can probably tell a theme with my favorite quotes, huh? Well if I could divide my faves into categories, I'd throw in some humor quotes and there would be a lot more Cas. Including: I found a liquor store. I drank it.

Ah, Cas.

So who else is both anticipating and dreading the finale tonight? I mean, a five year story line is finally going to be wrapped up and ending, but then again, a five year story line is going to be wrapped up and ending.

I don't know if I should cheer or cry.

Probably cry.
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( May. 10th, 2010 03:58 pm)
Shit shit shit.

I know I just posted like, a few minutes ago. But I was going through my flist, saw something interesting about Supernatural and clicked on it without checking the warnings and then spoiled myself for the finale. Big time.


I hate spoilers. I avoid them at all costs. I don't even read the posts where people have to use spoiler text just so I can avoid the temptation of seeing underneath the blocks of color.

Oh, man. This sucks. So much.
You all make me this happy:

In order to get to know you all, I thought I'd request that you'd post something about yourself. I don't have any specific questions in mind, really you can tell me anything you want. But here are a few ideas:

How you got into fandom
What your family is like
What you do on your journal
Your favorite form of chocolate
The song that always gets stuck in your head
Your porn star name (Name of first pet followed by name of the first street you lived on.)

Mine's Mocha Busby. :D

Also, ask me anything you want to know.

Friends are love, so let's start being friends. &hearts

(If you can't tell, I'm a little gif crazy. So if you want to post those in your comments go ahead. I LOVE 'EM.)
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( May. 6th, 2010 11:20 pm)
Was I the only one not so impressed with this episode?

Thoughts under here. )

God, I am so hungry. I haven't eaten solid food since Sunday night, and I can barely choke down the pudding and jello I do eat. Today when Supernatural started my sister sat beside me and ate Taco Bell. I wanted to like, rip the food out of her hand and throw it at the wall. I don't care how hungry she professed to be, I haven't really eaten in almost five days and it was cruel to taunt me like that.
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( Apr. 25th, 2010 06:17 am)
Thunderstorm just woke me up. An extremely loud one that had all the dogs barking. Now I'm up and too hungry to fall asleep, but I can't eat for at least a half hour because I just took my thyroid med. *sigh*

Before I woke I was having a pretty interesting, though unhappy dream. I was Dean (yes, was Dean, not just dreaming of him) and it was during the time Sam was at Stanford. I was doing a solo hunt that took place in the country--a lot of fields and farm houses. There was a scene where I was flirting with a young, single mom who was living with her brother, and the whole time I just felt really terrible, because what I was hunting turned out to be the kid--who'd transformed into something or whatever. Dream was kinda fuzzy on that. Anyway, I was stalling on killing the kid, because he kept reminding me of Sam hen he was little.

It was a really depressing dream. I mean, it was all in muted colors and my (Dean's) thoughts were constantly on Sam and John, and there was just a sense of restlessness and discontent throughout.

So yeah, it was kinda a good thing the storm woke me up. As much as I love Dean as a character, and love to get in his head space when watching/reading/writing Supernatural, channeling him in my dreams isn't so much fun.
Made a few gif animations from the last episode. My plan, when I finally got VirtualDubMod was to make animations after every episode, but Image Ready screws up my computer and every time I tried I ended up having to just restart my computer and forget about it. This time, however, I finally got it to work, even if I had to give up on some of the animations I wanted to make. For some reason Image Ready just didn't like them. *shrugs*

Anyway, here's a preview.

More under here )

If there's any scene you want me to make a gif out of, just let me know, and I'll try to force my computer to do it. :)
Thoughts and spoilers here. )

I was disappointed that we didn't get to see much outside the hotel. Now I can't go on about how the scenery definitely wasn't Indiana, and how their Muncie was lacking the railroads, weird five way stops, massive amounts of liquor stores and tattoo parlors (college town, hello) and the ghastly amount of potholes in roads. Though I do have to say that that must have been a very long detour from I90, since it runs near South Bend, which is almost three hours north of Muncie.
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( Apr. 22nd, 2010 11:22 pm)
Finally downloaded the Supernatural episode, and I haven't even watched the first thirty seconds yet, but I had to pause it and post this.


That's where I live people. This thrills me ridiculously so. Now I can make fun of how much Canada does not look like my town the whole episode.

Okay. Back to the ep.
So my friends wanted me to go out to a club with them tonight, but I denied because, as most of my flist is highly aware of, it's Supernatural Thursday, and my little sister gets pissy when I make plans and don't watch it with her. We've had a standing Thursday night double date with Dean and Sam since she got into Supernatural, and I've just stopped making plans for Thursdays.

But TODAY, even though I told Emily about the club plans and she was all happy I decided not to go and stay here at my parents house with her, she invites her boyfriend over to spend time with her, assuring me that "Tyler will just watch Supernatural with us, whether he likes it or not." Of course, ten minutes till the episode and they're in the middle of a movie, Tyler doesn't want to watch "that stupid ghost show," and there isn't another available TV in the house.


I like Tyler, I do. He's better than any of the other guys my sister has dated. What I DON'T like is how he'll spend all day with her at school, then hours with her after school, then call an hour after they separate and get pissed off because Emily is spending time with me and can't talk. So then Emily feels guilty and sits there and texts him throughout the entire episode we're watching. Shouldn't that need to be together all the time fade just a little after two years?

If you guys haven't gotten it by now, I'm really close to my sis. She's like, one of my best friends, despite the five year age difference, and always has been. She's one of the few people in my family that doesn't make me nuts, and the only reason I come back home to visit. She likes to joke about how I'm the Dean to her Sam--or the Sam to her Dean, considering my love for my laptop and random urge to research things and her sometimes extreme craving for pie. (No joke.) So I don't appreciate it when her boyfriend gets bitchy because she's spending time with me.

Yeah, I get it. I'm pretty possessive and demanding when it comes to the people I care about, always have been, but I have seriously dialed down my Big Sis protective streak when it comes to him--which is huge considering how often I come across them making out and I just want to tell them they are both far too young--so he needs to Back. The Fuck. Off. when it comes to the one night a week I get to claim my sister's attention.

*glares* Supernatural has started and I'm missing it. I'll download it as soon as it's available, but if he's not gone by the time it's finished, she just out of luck. I'm watching it without her.
Title: Like a Cross Worn Around the Neck
Fandom: Supernatural
Characters/Pairing: Dean, Sam. GEN.
Warnings: Spoilers through 5x18
Rating: PG
Summary: Coda to 5x18. It's bad form to throw away Christmas gifts.

Notes: Come on, you know we all want this to happen.

Dean isn’t watching the TV, but staring unfocused at the bed spread, frown on his face and one hand at his neck, unconsciously dipping under the fabric of his t-shirt to rub at the dip of his throat and collar bone. )



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