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( Jul. 24th, 2010 11:29 pm)
Guys, I'm so excited. I've been rewatching season five of Boston Legal, and I just started an episode where I don't remember a single thing that happened. Since season five was the only season I watched live, I really think I'm watching an episode I've never seen before.


This makes me happy. A new episode of Boston Legal for me!

*flails again*

...I really need a Boston Legal icon. Hm.

In other news, I finally found an apartment. The other one I wanted (the one with the loft) got taken two hours before I called to say I wanted it, so I had to keep looking. The one I found is tiny--but kept up and much MUCH cleaner than all the other crap holes I was looking at. And it's a fixed rate with no utilities so that should be good. I payed the first month's rent and a deposit today, and I start cleaning and moving stuff in on Monday. (my birthday, by the way. 22 years old!) Finally getting my own apartment. No roommates!

I also found a small health food store about five minutes from where I'll live that has a whole bunch of gluten free products. Which is fantastic because otherwise I'd have to go to Whole Foods for certain things and that's like, two hours away. Now I just need a job. I put in about ten applications around the area a few days ago, so lets hope one of them calls me. *crosses fingers*

Oh, and I am slowly but surely making my way through and replying to all the comments on my big bang. Real life has been keeping me busy here lately, so I haven't been on the net as much as I'd like, and when I am I'm usually too tired to do anything but go to hulu and watch a few episodes of something before falling asleep.

(Which reminds me--WHITE COLLAR IS BACK!! I totally did not realize this, and ended up watching both episodes the other day. Gah. I love that show so much. &hearts &hearts)

Now back to that Boston Legal episode. *is excited*
Had the endoscopy today. Was a little nervous about it, but the good thing is that my appointment was at 10:30 in the morning and they were a half hour behind, so I got to watch an episode of Supernatural on TNT while I waited, which made things a little better. :) (Although my mother was watching with me and she said she thought neither Jared nor Jensen were cute at all. *horrified gasp*)

Well, the doc said just looking at things that it doesn't seem like I have Celiac's or any kind of bacterial infection, but that they took biopsies anyway, and that we'll get the results of those later.

Man, they gave me so much drugs. I was knocked out. Apparently, they give more sedative to young people because we're supposed to have a high metabolism, but what they forgot to take into account was the fact that I have hypothyroidism and that I have a lower metabolism because of it. (Not to mention that if I'm sleeping so much my metabolism is going to be slow anyway.) So, instead of waking up and being slightly sleepy when I got home, I could barely walk out of the car (my dad had to help me) and I was in a drugged sleep all day. Apparently my mother woke me up several times to give me my thyroid medication then my vitamin D supplement, but I don't remember either.

The doctor came and talked to us for about ten minutes after the procedure, but I don't really remember much of it. My mom recorded the conversation on her iPhone though, and well, it was really weird listening to it. I talked to the doctor for a good while, but I don't remember saying all these things. I think I wavering in and out with the drugs, because sometime I sounded perfectly awake, and was asking perfectly logical questions and responding properly to what the doctor said, and at other I just kept going on about how much I love cheese and how I didn't want to give it up, and how I knew I had a milk allergy for years and in high school I would pay the extra five cents everyday to get the watery orange drink rather than a milk pint.

Yeah. Totally drugged, haha.

Anyway, I did talk to him about giving up both gluten and milk, and he said that it was something doctor's do to figure out if it'll make me feel better, but that he doesn't think my milk allergy would have anything to do with my fatigue, and that it makes sense to only give up one at a time, to see which one helps (if any) than to give up both at the same time and not know which effected me.

So that's what I'm going to do.

Goodbye gluten. *waves sadly*

Tomorrow mom and I are going over Whole Foods to check out what they have, because Lord knows my house right now is a gluten fest.

So gluten-free here I come. And I think that deserves the brave Scarlett icon, though it's funny that it's taken from the scene where she swears never to be hungry again and I'm deciding to give up a large portion of my diet.

Once again I am in an empty room at the church my sister works at, writing a gay love story while waiting for her to be done. Or, well, frantically editing a gay love story, since I just realized that I have just eight days until my Big Bang posting date and I'm not with this beast of a story. Which reminds me, I already have a beta but anyone on my flist willing to give this a read through and tell me what they think? You don't have to some serious beta-ing (unless, of course you want to) I'm just looking for general reactions and thoughts. You know, whether the progression and characterizations seem natural. I realize that this is a horrible thing to ask with just little over a week before my posting date, but I kinda got distracted with all this health crap and got behind. (It's kinda hard to write and edit when you are sleeping most of the time.)

Speaking of the Health Crap, I got the test results back on the celiac's panel and they were negative. However, they still want me to go through with the upper endoscopy tomorrow because they want to look for a some kind of bacterial infection in my intestines. Also, the food allergy IGE came back and, just like I thought, I'm allergic to milk.

Hah. Take that, Mother. I told you years ago when you were forcing me to drink milk with every meal that I got sick and thought I was lactose intolerant or something, and you always just scoffed at me. Well look. I am. And if you had stopped giving it to me as a child I might have grown out of it.

My triumph on that account is almost completely dwarfed, however, by my absolute horror at the fact that my doctor thinks that I might still be gluten sensitive and that even though my allergy to milk is mild, and I don't have any sort of reaction to say, cheese, I should give up both gluten and dairy for good.

Gluten and dairy.


I literally, literally cried when my mother told me this.

Now, I've been told I'll get over this, that this could be good for me because I'll expand my food horizons and be healthier and probably learn to cook since if I want to eat anything than just slabs of meat and salad I'll have to cook my own meals, and that after a while I won't miss these foods at all, but still I can't help but be upset, because, well, cheese.

I love it. My one consolation when I heard I might have to live gluten free, was that at least I could still have nachos. (You have no idea how much I love nachos.)

Well, since this might be my last night of gluten and dairy, my little sister and I are going out to eat. I'm getting a blooming onion, since I love it so much and will definitely miss it. I tried to force my friend Jasmine to go with me, but she said she just got off work and was too tired and wanted to take a nap. *Makes face at her* Bah. I've been exhausted for a year now. If I stay awake for more than five hours straight I get so tired I feel like crying, and still I drag myself out of bed to see her when she complains that it seems like I fell off the face of the earth, she sees me so little. *sticks tongue out at her*

Not that I'm really mad at her. Just at the world in general, my doctor who can't give me anything definite but still wants me to drastically change my diet for the rest of my life, and my bad luck. :(

Now I'm going to go back to editing my J2 love story to make myself feel better.
Yesterday I went to the GI doctor. After giving her a list of symptoms as long as my leg and the entire story of my life for the past year, she took one look at my lab (either the TTG or the IGG, I'm not sure. I've had so many blood tests done that I can't even keep track anymore) and told me I probably do have Celiac's disease. Wonderful.

She's running a full Celiac's panel just to sure, as well as food allergy IGE (there's another five tubes of my blood for the hospital to play with) and we've scheduled an upper endoscopy for next Wednesday. So I guess we'll know for sure by then.

Part of me wants it to be true, simply because then I'll know what is wrong and I can start getting my life back (actually, I'm told that you get Celiac's disease from the first time you ever eat gluten, so if it's true my health will be better than it has have been. I wonder what it would be like to have energy. Huh. ) but most of my is praying that it isn't, because I really love flour. I love bread, and cookies and brownies and breaded chicken, and I was looking at lists of candy that have gluten in and there's a horrible amount of my favorites in there.

(Reese's minis? How will I survive without them?)

My doctor told me not to cut back on the gluten while we wait to find out, because that could make the test a false negative, so I've been gorging myself on it. There is, in fact, and open bag of Reese's minis right beside me, and yesterday I went out to eat at O'Charley's (I love their rolls. I'll miss them.) and the other day I went and ate at the Olive Garden. I'm planning on eating pizza the night before my endoscopy, because I know that ordering pizza when I'm hanging out with my friends will be something I really miss.

Oh my god. I just realized. The fried onion flower? You know, my favorite food item in the world, the thing I posted about when Writer's Block asked about our choice of last meal, the thing that I totally got excited about when Spike started going on about this "onion thing" in the later seasons of Buffy because I loved it as much as he did? Yeah. It's breaded. With flour.

Oh god. If this test is positive I'm never going to get to eat it again.


In an unrelated note, I've been rewatching a few season 1 Veronica Mars episodes today, and you know who I'm starting to ship a little? Veronica and Meg. I don't read a whole lot of femmeslash, but sometimes the idea will really stick with me. (For instance, Buffy and Faith. Despite my usual fanatic OTPness when it comes to Spuffy, whenever Buffy and Faith are in a scene together I can't help but ship them, and I was totally feeling it season 3.) Anyway. I love Veronica and Meg together, even just as good friends. Which makes what happened in season 2 all the more sad.

It's funny how much I like Alona Tal in Veronica Mars, considering how much her character Jo annoyed me in Supernatural. I don't know, her wannabe hunter act was a little annoying, and I always thought she seemed far too young for Dean. (Jo and Sam, however? I could actually see.) Of course, I absolutely loved her in her one episode in season 5, thought her character seemed a lot more grown up--more hunter than wannabe hunter, so I'm not happy about the end of that episode, considering she had just started to be awesome.

Speaking of those rare female Supernatural characters, I've been creating .avi clips to edit with (I'm vidding again! Yay! And I am so excited about what I'm working on right now.) and at the moment I'm working on season three.

Can I just say again, how much I love Ruby in that season? I mean, I realize that love for Ruby seems to be an unpopular opinion in this fandom, but I thought she was awesome in that season. Totally badass, with her confrontational attitude and her witchcraft and the way she kept saving the boys' life. I didn't trust her then, but I wanted to. And I thought she was totally more believable as the good-demon-with-regret than in season 4, where I thought her manipulation was more obvious.

I miss Katie Cassidy's Ruby. She rocked.
Hey, all.

I know I've been absent on LJ here lately (And right in the middle of my 30 Days of TV meme. See I told you guys I wouldn't be able to keep up with that thing every day.) but it's been a real stressful few weeks.

I've had like, six doctor's appointments in the past two weeks, my blood drawn for tests four times, an adrenal stimulus test and an MRI.

I'm still exhausted all the time, and I generally feel like crap, but my Endocrinologist says my thyroid levels are as perfect as they are going to get, so all my doctors (and I have several, now) are exploring what else could be wrong. My cortisol was low (1.5. I think my doctor said the normal levels for people were like, 6-10) so I took the adrenal stimulus test to see if my adrenal gland would respond to an injection of ACTH. Basically, they were looking for Addison's disease.

Well, my adrenal gland did respond, but my ACTH was low so they're looking for a possible tumor (benign, most likely) in my pituitary gland that could be stopping it from working properly. That's what the MRI was for, though I haven't gotten the results of that yet.

My vitamin B12 was very low as well, and I guess they ran a test of celiac's disease (a disease that stops your body from absorbing nutrients from food, and makes it so you can't tolerate gluton) which was positive, but they won't know if I actually have it until they scope my small intestine. (Yikes!)

Vitamin D is still low, and whatever test they run for possible food allergies was positive as well.

So basically, I have a bunch of stuff wrong with me, but we haven't found the underlying cause yet.

I feel like I'm on a House episode. Only, I hope my life doesn't run the same course as one of the episodes--I don't feel like going through A) cardiac arrest B) anaphylactic shock or C) paralysis before they finally figure out what's wrong with me.

Or any of those weird pysch symptoms either. I can do without the hallucinations, thanks.

Anyway, my life is kind of sucking right now, and I have a job interview later today but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to work eight hours a day, five days a week (no matter how good the pay is) when I can't stay awake for more than five hours straight without falling asleep where I'm standing.

I want this job, because I want to get on with my life, but I don't know if I can do it.


Oh, and that waiter guy I went out with? Yeah, that's not going to happen. Came on WAY to strong, what with the 200 text messages he sent me within the first FIVE days of knowing him, and the three phone calls a day, and how if I didn't text him back within the hour he'd send me more text messages apologizing for saying something wrong, and the fact he started contacting my friends to figure out gifts to give me next time he saw me--all within the first week of knowing him. All of this happened the same time as all the health crap, and it really just stressed me out, so I had to end it.

Unfortunately, the guy can't seem to take no for an answer. He keeps calling and texting me. All. The. Time. He's driving me up the wall.

Well, that's your update on my life, Flist. I have been trying to keep up with my friends list, though I haven't been commenting much, I'm afraid. I've just felt kinda blah here, lately, you know what I mean?
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( Jun. 8th, 2010 04:25 pm)
I have a date tonight. :) Hopefully this will go much better than the last first date I went on.

Oh, and my parents are pissed because I decided to meet the guy there rather than have him pick me up. They really wanted to meet him, but I'm not sixteen, and I don't need to have my father shake his hand, looking him square in the eye and tell him to have me home at a decent time or any such crap. I'm nearly twenty-two, and in my rules parents don't get to meet the guy until after I decide if it's going anywhere. So suck it up parents.

Also, I don't like the idea of getting in a car with a stranger. If I had known him a little before he'd asked me out sure, but since I've known him for less than four days, excuse me for wanting to be safe and drive my own car. Call me overcautious, but that's just the way it is.
Tonight was a perfect example of bad day gone awesome.

Went to my brother's graduation, went out with friends afterward because I needed a drink after crazy family and long ass speeches.

The waiter was cute, and obviously interested in me. (Like he'd really care about my brother's graduation or how my home town was a farming town otherwise.) Casual flirting turned into him asking for my number, then texting me to see if it was actually mine, turned into lengthy conversation turned into his manager telling him he needed to actually do some work instead of just talking to me.

He wrote You are very pretty on the cheque. I feel like I'm in a fluffy meetcute fanfiction. :)

He said he'd call after he got off work tonight. He's already texted me to see if I still want him to call.

Yeah. This grin on my face? Not going away any time soon, I don't think.

Update: Three hour long phone conversation completely free of awkward pauses? Yes. Let's just hope it's not one of those situations where we talk to so much at the beginning we run out of things to say.
Ugh. This is not fun. This was not fun when I had to do it for my own high school graduation three years ago. It is especially not fun doing it for my brother's.

*stares at giant stack of blank announcements*

I'm telling you, I don't care how nice my family says my handwriting is, when my little sister graduates in two years? She's filling out her own.

*sighs and goes back to work*
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( May. 10th, 2010 03:48 pm)
Eight days post-op and it's gotten to the point that I am dreaming about real food. Really. Asleep dreaming, not day dreaming, 'cause I was already doing that by day 2.


When I can eat again I'm going out for Mexican. And I am going to stuff myself.

And then ask for take out.
When I'm laying down my cat likes to curl up in the crook of my arm, rest her head on my chest and knead my neck and shoulder as I pet her. Since getting my tonsils removed however, my neck is swollen and tender and it hurts when she does that. I've been lying in bed for a week now, which she has seen as ample opportunity to curl up with me, but she gets very confused and upset when I push her away from my neck. She's at the foot of my bed right now, sulking.

Poor thing. Mommy still loves you, I swear.

Even if you do have an annoying habit of peeing on my bedroom floor. *sigh*

Seventh day since getting my tonsils removed, and I'm still not talking, just gesturing and writing things down. My dad keeps trying to get me to talk, saying that I need to or my throat won't heal right--which is utter bull shit, 'cause I know people who didn't say a word for at least two weeks after getting their tonsils removed and their fine. It hurts when I talk, and I sound like I'm deaf so people have trouble understanding me, so I don't see the point.

I think the scabs in the back of my throat are about ready to fall off, which is gross and uncomfortable. I keep eating popsicles. I didn't like them at the beginning--too cold--but they're doing wonders to sooth my throat now that it's all scratchy from the scabs.

I've cut down on the pain medicine--only taking it about twice a day now--which is good, because it made me feel nauseous and it burned going down, making me gag and cry.

All in all, this has been a very unpleasant experience, to say the least. But my doctor's tell me it was worth it--apparently my tonsils were far more infected than I thought. They said it was the worse they'd seen in a while.

Big Bang reveal was posted. I'm so excited about my artist. I can't wait to see what she comes up with. :D
It started out terrible--waking up late and rushing for a doctor's appointment that my mother forgot to tell me she had moved to next week, getting a BAD hair cut (The woman chopped my hair off. After I told her I wanted to keep most of the length.).


I got offered a job. :) Or well, had someone demand I put in an application.

So, my parents are enrolling my siblings into the Sylvan Learning Center (Have you heard of it?). Mostly because there are terrible algebra teachers at the high school and Emily wants to be a pediatrician, so she can't afford to have a bad math grade, and Nathan needs a better SAT score to get into Purdue if he wants to have anything to do with planes.

They took the test last week, and today my mom went in to hear the results and figure out what kind of programs they need to be in. She took me along because, as she loves to tell me every time she drags me to something like this, I know how to explain things to her so she can understand them.

So here I am, explaining what these test scores mean, and reading through Emily's test and figuring out how and why she did poorly on the picking out the main idea section, and how exactly T notes help with math and explaining to the woman the types of classes that are held out their highschool and asking the questions Mom forgets but always expects me to remember (this is not the first time she has dragged me to something like this) and then the woman stops, asks me what my major is in college, and tells me I should work there.

In fact, through out the meeting, she kept making comments like, "I can tell you're smart and that you know what you are talking about. We could use you here. Have you thought about teaching? You would be good at it. You want to edit and publish books? That's great. Have you thought about working in a writing tutoring program?"

And basically, giving me an impromptu interview, and trying to sell me on the job right there.

AND THEN, as we were leaving, she told me to sit down, and that she didn't care if I wanted a job there or not, she was not letting me leave without filling out an application. I told her I didn't have a teaching degree, and she said it didn't matter, that I could work under a teacher in the writing program, and that they needed someone with computer and writing skills and that they could find a place for me. And that she was going to personally recommend me.

And here I've been applying to retail and fast food stores. This is WAY better than that.

Cross your fingers for me guys, 'cause I really want this job.
My cousin and I went to a strip club to see midget wrestling tonight. The plan was to arrive late, stay for the wrestling then leave, since bouncing boobs and pole dancing aren't exactly keen points of interests to us, but they spread the wrestling matches throughout the night, and our friend Atley kept buying us drinks, so we ended up staying six hours.

And I had a lap dance.

Correction: I was forced to have a lap dance. Stupid Atley and his sadistic sense of humor. The (extremely) skinny girl rubbed her boobs up and down my face, turned around, slapped her ass a few times in front of me, then sat down and proceeded to hop up and down on my lap, continuously wiggling her hips against my thighs even though it obviously didn't do anything for me.

Afterwards she smiled at me and informed me that she was happy to have popped my lap dance cherry.

*sigh* At least this night will give me stories to tell years from now.

The highlight of the evening (I mean, besides the wrestlers hitting one another over the head with what looked like the foil coverings for store bought lasagnas) was the stripper who came out in a Gumby suit (Seriously) and dance on the pole in it. It was quite a sight to see.

Using my Max/Alec icon because it's from the episode where they have to go into the strip club. It seems appropriate.
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( Mar. 12th, 2010 07:12 am)
I got so so drunk last night. I ended up cuddling the whole night (I am a very cuddly drunk. I mean, extremely touchy-feely) with a guy who graduated from my high school two years after me that I've never really talked to before and who was in a band with my little sister.

Ah, alcohol. Bringing random people together.

It's really early in the morning right now and I have eleven people passed out in my apartment, but I can't sleep. Mostly because my bed was claimed before I could get to it, so I ended up on the floor, and this guy Patterson on my couch snores really really loud. It kept waking me up.

Last night was fun. Now I just need all the zombies in my apartment to wake up so I can kick them out and start cleaning. I have a doctor's appointment at one.
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( Mar. 11th, 2010 05:39 pm)
Rewatched a few season 4 Buffy episodes today. I'd forgotten how much I liked Riley in this season. He's adorable. I like him. What happened in season 5? *sigh*

Of course, then Spike comes into the scene and I forget all about Riley. :P

I've been a little absent on livejournal here lately. But real life has decided to remind me it exists--especially in the form of my social life, I've been going out with friends a lot more than usual here lately, which has been fun. :)

Tonight I'm hosting my friend's twenty-first birthday. I've got like, ten people coming over to drink at my apartment, half of them I don't event know.

This should be fun. :D
Note to self: Just because your medication has started kicking in and you can actually stay awake for eight hours at a time does not mean your body is ready for an hour long, intense workout Zumba class, no matter how fun you thought it would be.

Getting dizzy and passing out half way through the class? Not fun.

My computer just got one of those stupid fake anti-virus programs. Which keeps popping up and telling me that I have all these security breaches and trojans and spyware that I don't actually have, trying to get me to buy the program with my credit card.


It's one I haven't seen before, and it's not showing up in any of my files for me to uninstall it. (Not that I really thought it would be that simple. *sigh*) But every where I look on the internet people keep saying the only way to get it off is to download some other anti-malware programs and run that.

It's a conspiracy, I tell you.

These anti-malware programs like Spy Doctor and Malwarebytes or whatever they are called, there's so freaking many of them, probably just create these stupid fake anti-virus programs and post shit on the forums about downloading their program is the only way to get rid of it so you'll buy their program. Of course, they don't mention you have to buy it on the forums--the download is free, the scan is free, but you have to buy the program to get rid of it.

Perfect fucking scam.


Well, I'm not doing that, so I'm trying to find a way to delete this shit manually without fucking up my computer in the process. I really don't know enough about computers to be mucking about in the registry.

*sigh* I'll probably just have to take my computer to my dad. Good thing I'm going home tomorrow.

Anybody on my flist have any experience with getting rid of Vista Internet Security the pain in the ass fake anti-virus program?
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( Feb. 9th, 2010 08:00 am)
I would really, really like for it to stop snowing.

Anytime now.

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( Feb. 6th, 2010 12:12 am)
The lights keep flickering in and out at my apartment. Man, I really hope the power doesn't go out. Power outage won't be as fun without my siblings to play cards by candle light with.

I don't think we even have candles here...
So, with the whole, having money and slightly more energy thing, I might have been a little overambitious with my plans. I was supposed to go out for drinks with a friend to a bar I've been wanting to visit tonight, but after just three days of classes, and waking up early every morning to my medication, and the half hour walk through the rain in the middle of fucking January that it takes to get to my classes (and of course, the walk back) I am exhausted. And I don't want to go back out in this horrible weather.

The good thing is, my friend is very understanding, and she's coming over for junk food and movies and I'm making us drinks instead. Which is more to my energy level right now. So yay.

Using the Veronica icon because Kate's the one who introduced me to the show. To return the favor, I'm trying to talk her into Supernatural. She already watches Buffy. It's how we bonded.
My loans came in.

I want to like, fucking cry in relief. You see, due to some mistake and a whole bunch of misunderstandings, only one of my loans came in last semester, and it wasn't even enough to cover my whole tuition. So, even with my parents helping me out some with rent, I've been scraping just to get enough money to pay utilities every month. Forget about going out with friends or actually shopping for good food. I've been living off of ramen and peanut butter for months.

But not only did my loans for this semester come, my loans for last semester finally came in as well. So even with my tuition and the cost of rent and utilities for the next six months or so, I've got like, six thousand dollars of financial padding.

God, I'm going to go shopping. For food. Real, actual food. That I have to like, cook and everything. And I'm going to donate money to help out Haiti. Just yesterday I was looking at the Misha's Minions page at the UNICEF website, and wishing I had the money to donate. And now I do.

But the first thing I'm going to do after I deposit this check? I'm going out to eat Mexican food with my cousin, who, like me has had her own financial problems and has been surviving on ramen for months. Only unlike me, she has house payments, school tuition and a kid. We're going to eat awesome Mexican food from our favorite restaurant, drink Margaritas, and go see that movie we've both been wanting to see but didn't want to splurge on.

My medication has finally kicked in, and though I don't feel one hundred percent yet, I feel better than I have in months and it is time to celebrate.


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