Just saw the new Star Trek movie, and I got to say, not impressed.

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( Dec. 1st, 2009 05:56 am)
Read a story that dealt with dragons today and it got me in the mood for some more, so I sat down and watched an old favorite of mine: Dragonheart. (Sean Connery! Dennis Quaid! Yay!)I remember going to see this movie at the drive in when I was little, this and I think, like Twister or something. Pay once, watch both movies, you know. (That was before they tore the drive in here down and built cheep houses on it. It's sad, another childhood tradition, gone.)

Anyway, after I watched I started wondering if there was any fanfiction for it and what it was like. Here I am, thinking of what great opportunities there are for character studies--Einan, lack of love from an absent father causing him to seek approval from the two father figures in his life: Bowen, whose praise is hard to earn because he has such high standards and expects so much from him, and Brok, who is second in command to the father he idolizes and whose praise is easily given; Aislinn, married to a man she hates and watching a son grow to be so much like him; Bowen, broken hearted over Einan's betrayal and disillusioned and bitter with the world around him; and of course Draco, having to watch the rest of his kind die off as well as being the inadvertent cause to all the misery around him, longing for death because it is the only that would assuage his guilt and set things right, but fearing it at the same time.

There's great stuff here!

But what do I get out of the fanfiction I find?

The spy girl who is sent into Einan's castle to kill him but actually falls in love with him, the peasant girl Eianan meets who gentles his cruel heart, the Missing Twin of Kara who he falls in love with instead of her, who of course sees the scared and lonely little boy underneath the crown and bad hair that Kara never could.

Blech. Blech and ick. I mean, Eianan!

And that is of course, out of the ones that were not about that godawful sequel. Double blech.

Dude! I totally just realized that the guy who plays Einan plays Remus in the Harry Potter movie. Hah.


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