While I hope that LJ will listen to the uproar from it's members on the news post (65 pages and 3500+ comments so far, almost all negative feedback on this) and make it so we can at least opt out of this, I would request that no one crosspost any comments they make on my journal. I realize that most of my journal is open for the world to see, but that is only because my Livejournal identity is completely separate from my real life one, and because I didn't want people to have to request I friend them in order for them to read my stories.

That might have to change. If LJ doesn't fix this fantastic fuck up of theirs, I am, at the very least, going to have to lock the entire journal so that if someone does link back to posts on either of the social networking sites, anybody who clicks won't be able to see the actual post.

But then, I am also considering deleting this journal completely and paying more attention to my Dreamwidth one. I cannot afford to have the possibility of certain people in real life figuring out about and reading anything from my livejournal.

I really hope LJ fixes this mess, because I love it here, and don't want to leave, but I may have to if they don't come up with a solution.


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