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( Jun. 25th, 2010 09:04 am)
I need new music. You, my Flist, should rec me some.

Pretty please?
I was messing around with the custom friends filter, thinking that maybe I could make one for people who don't want to deal with me blathering on about my real life issues and only want my fan stuff or something like that, but mostly just to see how it works.

So, I created one, transferred most of my friends to it with exception of a few, just to see if it worked, and edited my most recent post to that filter. When I checked the friend page of one of people who wasn't on it, yay! That post wasn't there! It worked. HOWEVER, when I checked the friends pages of several of the people ON that filter list, the post wasn't there either. So I went back and took off the filter and suddenly it was.

Now I'm just confused.

Did I do something wrong?
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( May. 20th, 2010 01:26 am)
Anybody on my flist involved in the Merlin fandom? I've recently started watching it and am craving some Merlin fanfiction, specifically of the Merlin/Arthur variety. Anybody have some recommendations?

I'd prefer them not to have spoilers for season 2, since I've just started it, but if they do I'll just keep 'em in mind for after I finish this season.

So can anybody help me out?
You all make me this happy:

In order to get to know you all, I thought I'd request that you'd post something about yourself. I don't have any specific questions in mind, really you can tell me anything you want. But here are a few ideas:

How you got into fandom
What your family is like
What you do on your journal
Your favorite form of chocolate
The song that always gets stuck in your head
Your porn star name (Name of first pet followed by name of the first street you lived on.)

Mine's Mocha Busby. :D

Also, ask me anything you want to know.

Friends are love, so let's start being friends. &hearts

(If you can't tell, I'm a little gif crazy. So if you want to post those in your comments go ahead. I LOVE 'EM.)
So, tomorrow I'm getting my tonsils removed--because apparently I have the tonsils of a five year old and they are so big that they are blocking my airway when I sleep, preventing me from getting good REM sleep. The doctor tells that it's probably been that way for years and is another reason why I'm so tired all the time.

Anyway, they tell me I have to stay in bed and take it easy for at least a week after, so I was hoping you guys could do me a favor.

Recommend me some of your favorite hurt/comfort fics. Supernatural, J2, Buffy, Doctor Who, Dark Angel, Veronica Mars, House, White Collar, Castle... Basically, if you know I watch it/read it and you like it, please tell me what it is. Long or short.

And if you know of something that isn't necessarily h/c, but love it so much you just have to share it? Go right ahead. I just need stuff to read. ;)

To be honest, I'm a little nervous about tomorrow. I've never had any kind of surgery before, nor put under anesthesia, and the idea of being unconscious and unable to wake up while strangers mess with my body kinda freaks me out. Just a whee bit.

I'm also not too happy with this whole no eating/drinking after midnight thing. I'm a night owl, and a notorious midnight snacker, and now I feel like a Mogwai or something. Like I'll turn into a gremlin if I eat after midnight.

At least I don't have crazy clones/children pop out of my back when I shower.
My cousin and I went to a strip club to see midget wrestling tonight. The plan was to arrive late, stay for the wrestling then leave, since bouncing boobs and pole dancing aren't exactly keen points of interests to us, but they spread the wrestling matches throughout the night, and our friend Atley kept buying us drinks, so we ended up staying six hours.

And I had a lap dance.

Correction: I was forced to have a lap dance. Stupid Atley and his sadistic sense of humor. The (extremely) skinny girl rubbed her boobs up and down my face, turned around, slapped her ass a few times in front of me, then sat down and proceeded to hop up and down on my lap, continuously wiggling her hips against my thighs even though it obviously didn't do anything for me.

Afterwards she smiled at me and informed me that she was happy to have popped my lap dance cherry.

*sigh* At least this night will give me stories to tell years from now.

The highlight of the evening (I mean, besides the wrestlers hitting one another over the head with what looked like the foil coverings for store bought lasagnas) was the stripper who came out in a Gumby suit (Seriously) and dance on the pole in it. It was quite a sight to see.

Using my Max/Alec icon because it's from the episode where they have to go into the strip club. It seems appropriate.
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( Mar. 12th, 2010 07:12 am)
I got so so drunk last night. I ended up cuddling the whole night (I am a very cuddly drunk. I mean, extremely touchy-feely) with a guy who graduated from my high school two years after me that I've never really talked to before and who was in a band with my little sister.

Ah, alcohol. Bringing random people together.

It's really early in the morning right now and I have eleven people passed out in my apartment, but I can't sleep. Mostly because my bed was claimed before I could get to it, so I ended up on the floor, and this guy Patterson on my couch snores really really loud. It kept waking me up.

Last night was fun. Now I just need all the zombies in my apartment to wake up so I can kick them out and start cleaning. I have a doctor's appointment at one.
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( Mar. 11th, 2010 05:39 pm)
Rewatched a few season 4 Buffy episodes today. I'd forgotten how much I liked Riley in this season. He's adorable. I like him. What happened in season 5? *sigh*

Of course, then Spike comes into the scene and I forget all about Riley. :P

I've been a little absent on livejournal here lately. But real life has decided to remind me it exists--especially in the form of my social life, I've been going out with friends a lot more than usual here lately, which has been fun. :)

Tonight I'm hosting my friend's twenty-first birthday. I've got like, ten people coming over to drink at my apartment, half of them I don't event know.

This should be fun. :D
So, with the whole, having money and slightly more energy thing, I might have been a little overambitious with my plans. I was supposed to go out for drinks with a friend to a bar I've been wanting to visit tonight, but after just three days of classes, and waking up early every morning to my medication, and the half hour walk through the rain in the middle of fucking January that it takes to get to my classes (and of course, the walk back) I am exhausted. And I don't want to go back out in this horrible weather.

The good thing is, my friend is very understanding, and she's coming over for junk food and movies and I'm making us drinks instead. Which is more to my energy level right now. So yay.

Using the Veronica icon because Kate's the one who introduced me to the show. To return the favor, I'm trying to talk her into Supernatural. She already watches Buffy. It's how we bonded.
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( Dec. 9th, 2009 05:08 am)
Finally got around to changing my moodtheme. (I've had this moodtheme saved in my memes for months now, I've just always been too lazy to actually download it and stuff.) It's by the awesome [ profile] causette. I also found some great sidebar images by [ profile] nyaubaby, so my journal is now completely Supernatural-fied.

Though, this rotating header got me thinking that I could totally unite all my fandoms in the design that way. You know, create a banner for each of my fandoms and just have one randomly pop up each time the page is refreshed. I'm thinking each banner done in a similar style, and maybe with a quote from the show or something... hmm. Something to think about. For right now, however, I am happy with my Supernatural theme. :)

Oh, and I wanted to thank [ profile] obsidianglass for the virtual snowflake cookie. You are awesome. Thanks, hun! *hugs*
Today is my twenty-first birthday and I celebrated by going to this hole-in-the-wall bar with my sister Salena. There was an eighties cover band there called Pozeur, and all the members had hair down to their hips and eyeliner and the main singer had a white poet shirt, black vest and red velvet pants. It was too awesome for words. Those pants totally made my night. The band wasn't half bad either, when they kept away from the ballads.

So, even though I have pretty much avoided dancing my whole life I ended up dancing--alone on the dance floor--with this guy named David while my sister got perved on by this gross old man (Hah!) and then we played ping pong until way after the band quit and the guy still made me slow dance
--to no music. It was embarrassing as hell and I'm sure I was blushing like a tomato (Hello? Shy bookworm here!) But it was fun.

And then we went out to taco bell. Yum. :)

Next weekend we are apparently hitting some clubs with techno music, which as much crowded clubs aren't my thing, techno is much easier to dance to. Which is great for someone with very little rhythm--like me.

Anyway, I want to thank [ profile] buffy_the_vamp6 and [ profile] angearia for the graphic and drabble! You guys are both so talented and your gifts made me grin like an idiot. Thank you! :)
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( May. 18th, 2009 09:06 pm)
I have two Dreamwidth codes for anybody on my flist who needs them. Just let me know, I'll give them to the first two people I hear from.

Also, I finished Bob and Rose. It was adorable, though it had some the awkwardest moments I've ever watched. And his best friend? Absolutely insane.
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( Apr. 20th, 2009 01:13 pm)
So, I've been a little absent over the internet here lately. I've had a whole lot going on in my life--job searching, apartment hunting, my mother hurting her back and wanting to sue her job, my mother also possibly having cancer (the biopsy was negative, thank god. But we still don't know whats wrong), babysitting, and lets just throw in a family feud--of which I am the only line of communication between sides--just for good measure. I was surprised I managed to finish and post my stuff for Seasonal_Spuffy, and I had to lose a whole lot of sleep to do it.

In any case, I had a little time in between classes and I thought I'd post and make an "official" break announcement. (Not that I post a whole lot anyway. I mean, I've had this journal for almost five years and this is only my 200th post.) But the semester is coming to an end and I still have three huge papers, a collection of revised short stories, a big semster project to finish and finals to study for, so I'm not going to be online much. That isn't to say that I'm going to dissapear all together, I'll still probably read a few things and comment every now and then, and if I manage to find time to write anything not for a class, I'll probably go ahead and post it. But I won't be too active on here.

Also, I owe a HUGE apology to Angearia. I am so sorry that I haven't been answering your e-mails, hun, and I know I am seriously failing in my duties as beta. But my life got to the point where I didn't even check my e-mail for about a week (and boy was that scarey when I finally did! *shudders*) Perhaps you will accept my first animated sidebar that I made when my life wasn't a mess as an apology?

*looks very contrite and pathetic*

Ha! It matches my mood pic!
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( Feb. 26th, 2009 11:51 pm)

So, I've stressed many times about how I am not living in the dorms next year. The plan was to get an apartment with my friend Kristen, BUT her current landlord kept pressuring her about whether or not she was going to sign the lease again and because we hadn't looked for apartment yet, she went ahead and signed it, leaving me with no one to live with. (So not cool) I absolutely cannot afford an apartment on my own. So I just filled out this whole roommate apartment search thing on the internet, figuring that was always an option. I tell my friend Jasmine this and she is all like "Oh, like in the movies?"

I ask her if she think I'm going to get some kind of psycho for a roommate and she's all like, "No! It's like a romance! You know, where she accepts a roommate named Ashlee or something thinking its a girl when it turns out to be a guy. And then they fall in love."

So here I am, worrying about a Single White Female experience, and she's going on about romantic comedies.

And I'm the one who reads fanfiction.

In other news, Buffy has officially taken over my brain. Today in my British Literature class we were discussing Petrachian Sonnets, (you know, where there is one guy waxing poetic for fourteen lines about some magnificent woman who doesn't love them back) and the whole time I kept think. "This sounds like it could be about Spike and Buffy." "I can so see Spike saying that about Buffy." "Receiving the man's ardour with disdain? Oh yeah, that's Buffy."

Yup. My brain has been Buffy-fied.

At least I was able to focus on my midterm paper, which was about Chaucer's The Wife of Bath and how the character can actually be seen as a feminitic character when compared to the message in The Miller's Tale. Despite the Middle English, which was hard to plough through before I finally got the hang of it, it was a fun paper to write. Still, I'm glad its done and I can get back to writing some fanfiction. (Taking over my brain, I tell you!) I've got several plot bunnies nagging me. One of which would be a pretty long chapter fic, if I have the courage (and patience ) to write it. I've always been much better at short, flash fiction style works. But still, this bunny will not go away. Poor Anya would absolutely terrified.
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( Dec. 27th, 2006 11:37 am)


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( Dec. 21st, 2005 12:57 am)

  You know, we're all just masochists at heart. We set ourselves up again and again for dissapointment and pain. We practically plan it out, down to every last detail. Or at least I do. Because I KNOW that if I go there, if I see this person, then I'll have a great time, and I'll start to hope. And I KNOW that if I bring up that subject, that I will have to listen to how much he cares for her. And I will have to pretend to be a good friend, and I'll nod and smile, and act excited and happy, when I really just feel like pulling out my own hair, gouging out my eyeballs, or maybe even strangling him.

  So why do I do it? The only explanation is that for someone reason I LIKE pain. For some screwed up psychological reason I like feeling depressed and upset. Maybe it makes me feel important. Because I have problems to do deal with instead of dealing with everybody elses problems. Or maybe I like the emotional high I get. Maybe I'm just masochistic.

And here everybody was saying I would be the sadist in relationships.

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( Nov. 18th, 2005 11:36 pm)
I just got back from Phish's party. It was awesome. SOOO much fun. We played twister, and for a while I was playing only against my imaginary friend, because nobody but me and Ryan were in the room. And I lost. How sucky is that?

We listend to lots of music, and PHIL *glares* made me sing a song I wrote. One that I'm proud of, but it was still very uncomfortable. Especially since he had to go and turn off the cd player.

Met some awesome people, saw some people I haven't seen in a long time, ate taco's and wore black lace armwarmers. What could be better than that?

But now I am thouroughly exausted. And I think, instead of reading fanfiction like I had originally planned, I will just go to bed. Bed sounds good.

Am tired.

Went to my grandmothers, unpacked a bunch of books and gold mining magazines (strange) and sorted through a bunch of UNLABLED crap in her garage. Not fun.

Then I went to Phil's, where he, Rick and I worked on a song for the excel project. We have the chorus done. Thats it. But it was really fun and so hilarious. And very random. And retarded. But all that is to be expected. And i did not beat the keyboard with a shoe! However, I did glare at and then was overcome with laughter for quite some time, for no reason at all. It was scary. I couldn't breathe.

"Do you need some ice?"


"For your fingers and your neck?"

"No. For it to thaw and turn to water."

"But then you could just use water!"

"You must have ice."

"For you fingers and your neck?"

"No. For it to thaw and turn to water."

"But then you could just use water!"

"You must have ice."
So I have started the Parties of the Century again. Not many people could come though. Next time, someone else is hosting it. I hate playing hostess. Bah.

It was fun though. Jasmine, Brady, Danielle and I swam for an hour or so, then we went inside to watch "Monty Python and the Holy Grail"---the movie that started it all. However, Phil wasn't there to celebrate with us. Stupid Phil. Stupid camping. Anyway, Trent came for about a half hour, and we all pigged out on nachos. And after the movie, we went back outside and got in the hot tub. It was fun.

I'm exhausted.

Really. I catch my self staring at the computer with what probably is a vague, stupid expression on my face for minutes at a time. But I am going to post this, cause I haven't posted in quite a while.

I wrote two poems. One of them when I was half asleep--I had tro drag myself out of bed at midnight (yes, that is rather early for me to be asleep) to scratch it on a peice of paper. And of course, I couldn't go to sleep after that. The other one I wrote after recieving a not so wonderful grade on my Algebra II test. I hate algebra.

Poems )
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( Jul. 30th, 2005 11:29 pm)
Today was great. I went to the mall with Jasmine, which was fun, but frustrating. I mean, who knew that all the shops carried all the SAME FREAKING STUFF!?!?!? I needed a knee length white skirt, that did not have ruffles, or glitter, or lace, or print, or any of that crap. Could I find one? NO! Why? BECAUSE ALL THERE WERE, WERE THESE UGLY, RUFFLY "BOHIMIAN" SKIRTS! We went all over the mall looking for a skirt. We went to places we would never ever dream of going into regularly, but we still could not find a plain straight white skirt. We could find them in every other color, but not white. I'M SICK OF FASHION TRENDS! IF IT WEREN'T FOR THOSE THEN THE STORES WOULD HAVE MORE VARIETY! I'M SICK OF CONFORMITY! I'M SICK OF... UGLY RUFFLY SKIRTS!!!!!!!

*takes a deep breath* Can you tell I was frustrated? I mean, Jaz and I were practically hysterical by the end. Anyway, the rest of the mall trip was good. We ate bourban chicken, I had fifteen dollars on my Hottopic card. Life was good. Until that stupid skirt thing... *grumbles*

Well, when we got back to my house we invited Phil over to watch a movie. Of course, he was supposed to bring the movie, but he didn't. Turns out he didn't even own it. Shows how much attention he actually pays to us when we're talking, huh?

So instead we went outside to jump on the trampoline and sit by the pool. We all wanted to go swimming, but neither of them had their bathing suits, (or trunks in phil's case) so we just sat there for a bit. Until, JASMINE of all people, randomly jumped into the pool! It was great. But Phil still didn't want to get wet, so what does Jasmine do? Sits on him and give him a big hug so he had no choice. Haha. We both jumped in, and attacked and dunked Jaz, got in the hot tub, and then rain danced in the driveway while waiting for Phils mom. It was awesome.


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