I've been thinking about the similarities between some the het pairings that I like, and also on how those pairings are often portrayed in fandom. Behind the cut is a long meta post about how often the female character of the pairing is excessively hated on in fandom, even in pairings we like.

Meta on Dark Angel Max/Alec, Spuffy and Veronica/Logan )
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( Feb. 8th, 2010 01:00 am)
Just finished season 2 of Dark Angel, now I'm sad that there's no season 3. So many story arcs left unfinished. Ah well, just another show canceled before it's time. *thinks bitterly of Dollhouse, The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Firefly*

I think I might check and see what fanfiction is out there though.
How can the tone of this season be so much grimmer, yet the episodes far more ridiculous? I just don't understand...

And where is my Herbal? He was my favorite!

So, last season I was shipping Logan/Max pretty hardcore. Now, I'm starting to feel some Max/Alec. I'm convinced all their bickering is suppressed sexual tension. And that when he told Asha to fortify herself for the news about Max's virus, that was exactly what he was doing when he was downing scotch after scotch.

I don't know, but last season the whole Max/Logan thing was cute, this season it's kind of a drag. Also, the differences between season 1 Max and season 2 Max make her seem like a completely different person. I don't think I'd ship season 1 Max with Alec, but this season I can totally see it.

(Anybody sick of my Dark Angel rambling yet? I'd apologize for spamming you, but I'm stuck in my apartment, alone, suffering from some insomnia and bored out of my freakin mind. All I have to keep me occupied watching this show and then babbling about it.)
Alright, I'm not sure I'm liking the whole animal spliced transgenic mutants thing. Wilson's expression in this icon pretty much reflects my face half the time when the show deals with that stuff. And the halloween episode was just extremely hard for me to get through.

Also, I liked Max's hair better in season 1, not to mention her attitude. She's all boring and mopey right now, and her hair reflects that.

On the other hand:

Jensen! JensenJensenJensen!

I just adore Alec.
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( Feb. 6th, 2010 03:43 am)
Jensen! JensenJensenJensen!

Okay, I knew he came in during season two but I had no idea to expect him in season 1. I'm a little confused as to how it's going to work next season though.

Wow. He looked so young. And pretty. :) And his voice was a WHOLE lot smoother. Really, what's up with the Dean voice? Getting gruffer and gruffer, like he's batman or something. Hah. Maybe that's the explanation, Dean is imitating his idol. :D

So, yeah, Jensen was a pretty crier in this show too, and yeah, it did make me cry a little as well. I felt so bad for him at the end. But ooo.. you could see his freckles much better in this show... *unapologetic fangirl*
So, I was supposed to go back to my parents house for the weekend so I could watch my brother and sister in the singing competition tomorrow. But, it's snowing really bad here, and my breaks are acting funny so I'm stuck in my apartment for the weekend. Which sucks because I've only missed on Solo/Ensemble Competition since I used to do them every year, and that was because I had a really bad case of flu. Also, I'm running out of food in my apartment and I wasn't planning to go shopping until Monday, and of course, right now it's too bad out there to drive to the store. So I'm stuck with frozen burritos and eggs.

Not together. That would be gross.

To keep myself entertained this weekend I have started watching Dark Angel. (Yes, just so I could watch Jensen in season 2.) I don't know if anyone on my flist has watched it, but so far it's alright. I mean, the dialogue seems a little fake sometimes--a little too smooth, too much slang--and I'm not really digging the soundtrack, but Logan's cute. I like the whole scruffy guy with glasses things, and this thing between Max and him remind me of the days back in junior high when I read the Fearless series: Kick ass, genetic freak girl with no fear paired up with common sense speaking wheelchair guy.

Oh, Gaia and Ed, you always were my favorite in that very long, over dramatic young adult series. I never did finish those books... For all I know the author is still pumping out more.

In any case, I don't think this show is going to become my new Epic Fandom Love or anything like that, but it's passing the time.


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