So I was rewatching a few Veronica Mars episodes when I was suddenly attacked by a Supernatural/Veronica Mars crossover bunny. (I tell you, those bunnies are vicious, vicious creatures.) So. Here's the basic idea:

Even though Veronica ended up going to Hearst she got accepted to Standford, right? Well the idea is that she does end up going to Stanford. While there she rooms with a blonde girl named Jessica. The two become really good friends, rooming together again sophomore year and part of junior year until Jess moves in her with her boyfriend, one Sam Winchester. Of course, we all know what happens to Jess, but Veronica, being Veronica, doesn't accept the fire as an accident and starts digging.

She finds things don't add up. Especially when she looks into the past of Sam, who, incidentally, mysteriously disappeared with his never before seen brother just two weeks after Jess's death. Devastated by the death of yet another close friend, and hellbent on finding out the truth and getting some justice, maybe even revenge, Veronica takes a break from school and decides to go on a little road trip.

She was going to track down the Winchesters and find out whatever it is they're hiding. But what she finds isn't anything like she expected.

Of course, I'm not going to write this, I have enough on my plate, but I thought I'd share. :)
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( Dec. 14th, 2009 12:01 pm)
So, I should be focusing on what I'm trying to write right now. (The Christmas J2 Au, which, while going slow, I'm absolutely loving.) But instead my mind keeps wandering to the possible sequel I'm tempted to write for that ridiculous Big Foot!Jared fic. I really want Chris and Steve to meet Jared. I keep thinking of this scene where Chris is all, "So... your new best friend is a yeti." and Jared being all offended and "I am not a yeti." And then I want Wookie references and the boys being all horrified that Jared has never seen Star Wars.

But. Christmas fic. Needs to be done. And soon.

And those comments asking me for a sequel on the other so do not help.

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( Dec. 5th, 2009 08:55 am)
So, I've seen the idea several times in the Supernatural fandom that Sam wanted to be lawyer in case he ever had to defend his dad or brother in court. I love that idea of that happening.

I want to write an AU fic where Sam refuses to go with Dean when he shows up in the Pilot and years later he's changed his name (to get more distance from the life he left behind or something) and is an up and coming defense lawyer. His firm assigns him a case--a murder case where a man shot his father--and surprise! That man is Dean, who, thanks to his name change and his careful manipulation of his records, no one knows is actually his brother.

Sam is horrified at the idea that Dean had killed John, and tries to get the real story from him but Dean refuses to talk about it, bitter and angry about Sam abandoning them and so guilt ridden over John's death that he doesn't care what happens to him. When Dean was arrested he was found wounded and bleeding beside his father's body, so the only way Sam knows how to get Dean off is by pleading self defense. So there he is, stuck painting his own father as an abusive psychopath, while Dean fights him on every move he makes, despite the fact that it's the only thing that will save him, and during this old issues are brought out, and old wounds are ripped back open, and sometimes it's like no time has passed between them at all as they keep fighting over the same old shit they had years before, and sometimes it's like his brother is a complete stranger to him, closed off and unreachable in a way he never was before.

Meanwhile, as more of Dean's past gets dragged out, his case becomes more and more interesting to the media. Soon the press is portraying Dean the worst of criminals, and as the public opinion towards him gets worse and worse Sam starts getting pressured from several different angles into deliberately losing the case. So now not only does Dean's life hang in the balance, but also Sam's career, and his future in the nice little life he's set up for himself since Stanford.

Gah. This story would be long and take huge amounts of research and wow, would take forever to write. But, I really need to finish what I'm writing now. *pouts* Stupid bunnies, keep distracting me.

Edit: If Sam stayed in California and that's where John's death took place, and let's just say that there were a few other bodies found (like say, the bodies of a few demons, perhaps?) tied to a chair and surrounded by strange symbols on either the floor or the ceiling, then that would make Dean look like some crazy satan worshiping nut job who not only planned out the whole thing, but tortured people before he killed them. Which could totally mean the possibility of the death penalty, just to add a little bit more tension.

Ugh, I want to write this fic.


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