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( May. 10th, 2010 03:48 pm)
Eight days post-op and it's gotten to the point that I am dreaming about real food. Really. Asleep dreaming, not day dreaming, 'cause I was already doing that by day 2.


When I can eat again I'm going out for Mexican. And I am going to stuff myself.

And then ask for take out.
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( May. 10th, 2010 03:58 pm)
Shit shit shit.

I know I just posted like, a few minutes ago. But I was going through my flist, saw something interesting about Supernatural and clicked on it without checking the warnings and then spoiled myself for the finale. Big time.


I hate spoilers. I avoid them at all costs. I don't even read the posts where people have to use spoiler text just so I can avoid the temptation of seeing underneath the blocks of color.

Oh, man. This sucks. So much.
So, I usually don't get involved in any kind of fandom drama--I leave my fandom activities mostly to reading/writing fanfiction, collecting/making fanart, meta discussion and squee posts. I don't care to read wank posts, I don't like bashing of actors/writers/other lj goers, and I don't spend time on the anonymous memes.


Discussions of certain events happening at a con a few years ago, and all the reactions it has brought up here lately has been floating around my usual fandom haunts all day. It has gotten to the point that even people on my flist who are not involved in the Supernatural fandom at all are posting about it, and so my curiosity took over and I looked into it.

(For people who don't know what I'm talking about and are curious, here's a summary.)

I have to say, the reactions this person made about everything just pisses me off.

Now, I wasn't at Wincon in 2008, in fact, I wasn't in the Supernatural fandom in 2008--so I have no idea what really happened, whether or not things have been over exaggerated by people who weren't there, but I can say that the reaction posts the person in question made reeked so much of rape culture that it was horrifying. It was victim bullying. Plain and simple.

And it is exactly that kind of mind set, and those kind of demands and threats, that cause people who have been sexually assaulted to remain silent to begin with.

It deeply disgusts me.

I realize that since then she has apologized for the way she phrased things, saying that she didn't mean to hurt anyone with what she said, but it doesn't really make things better for me. The fact that, as several people have pointed out, her first reaction to finding out her actions at the con made people uncomfortable was not "Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't realize it. Is there anything I can do to make it better?" but "These accusations are lies! Why have they not arrested me if it was true? Why don't you come forward and reveal yourselves and PROVE IT!" shocks and disappoints me.

It makes me uncomfortable. Not just about her, but about how these are the kind of thoughts and reactions concerning sexual assault, and questions of consent that just automatically pop into people's head. When something like this happens, it's more often than naught the victim who has their character and personal life scrutinized. Which brings the point of again, how can you expect them to always come forward?

I am pretty much a nobody in this fandom. I've just broken in, and I am just now making friends. I am pretty much a nobody in fandom in general, actually, and am certainly not personally connected to this situation. But I am posting this because in several comments on some of these anonymous threads I've read, people have said they would come forward to discuss this un-anonymously, but that they were a nobody so there would be no point.

My journal has less than 100 friends, and not all of them are connected to Supernatural, but I am posting this anyway. Because things like this piss me off and disgust me, and if I have to say it with my username intact to make what I say count at all, I will.


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