Is there a way to change the format of your journal for a single post? Like, when you see it on my journal it's in my normal layout, but when you click the cut, it's that plain white format? I'm just wondering because the SPN/J2 Big Bang deadline is coming (and though, thanks to my hypothyroidism and that damn Synthroid I'm behind and really cramming in the writing this last week, I'm determined to get it done.) and I'd like to just have the plain white background for the story when it comes time for me to post it.

I've seen it this way on other people's journals, but I have no idea how to do it. Can anyone help me?
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( Apr. 25th, 2010 06:17 am)
Thunderstorm just woke me up. An extremely loud one that had all the dogs barking. Now I'm up and too hungry to fall asleep, but I can't eat for at least a half hour because I just took my thyroid med. *sigh*

Before I woke I was having a pretty interesting, though unhappy dream. I was Dean (yes, was Dean, not just dreaming of him) and it was during the time Sam was at Stanford. I was doing a solo hunt that took place in the country--a lot of fields and farm houses. There was a scene where I was flirting with a young, single mom who was living with her brother, and the whole time I just felt really terrible, because what I was hunting turned out to be the kid--who'd transformed into something or whatever. Dream was kinda fuzzy on that. Anyway, I was stalling on killing the kid, because he kept reminding me of Sam hen he was little.

It was a really depressing dream. I mean, it was all in muted colors and my (Dean's) thoughts were constantly on Sam and John, and there was just a sense of restlessness and discontent throughout.

So yeah, it was kinda a good thing the storm woke me up. As much as I love Dean as a character, and love to get in his head space when watching/reading/writing Supernatural, channeling him in my dreams isn't so much fun.


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