So my friends wanted me to go out to a club with them tonight, but I denied because, as most of my flist is highly aware of, it's Supernatural Thursday, and my little sister gets pissy when I make plans and don't watch it with her. We've had a standing Thursday night double date with Dean and Sam since she got into Supernatural, and I've just stopped making plans for Thursdays.

But TODAY, even though I told Emily about the club plans and she was all happy I decided not to go and stay here at my parents house with her, she invites her boyfriend over to spend time with her, assuring me that "Tyler will just watch Supernatural with us, whether he likes it or not." Of course, ten minutes till the episode and they're in the middle of a movie, Tyler doesn't want to watch "that stupid ghost show," and there isn't another available TV in the house.


I like Tyler, I do. He's better than any of the other guys my sister has dated. What I DON'T like is how he'll spend all day with her at school, then hours with her after school, then call an hour after they separate and get pissed off because Emily is spending time with me and can't talk. So then Emily feels guilty and sits there and texts him throughout the entire episode we're watching. Shouldn't that need to be together all the time fade just a little after two years?

If you guys haven't gotten it by now, I'm really close to my sis. She's like, one of my best friends, despite the five year age difference, and always has been. She's one of the few people in my family that doesn't make me nuts, and the only reason I come back home to visit. She likes to joke about how I'm the Dean to her Sam--or the Sam to her Dean, considering my love for my laptop and random urge to research things and her sometimes extreme craving for pie. (No joke.) So I don't appreciate it when her boyfriend gets bitchy because she's spending time with me.

Yeah, I get it. I'm pretty possessive and demanding when it comes to the people I care about, always have been, but I have seriously dialed down my Big Sis protective streak when it comes to him--which is huge considering how often I come across them making out and I just want to tell them they are both far too young--so he needs to Back. The Fuck. Off. when it comes to the one night a week I get to claim my sister's attention.

*glares* Supernatural has started and I'm missing it. I'll download it as soon as it's available, but if he's not gone by the time it's finished, she just out of luck. I'm watching it without her.
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( Apr. 22nd, 2010 11:22 pm)
Finally downloaded the Supernatural episode, and I haven't even watched the first thirty seconds yet, but I had to pause it and post this.


That's where I live people. This thrills me ridiculously so. Now I can make fun of how much Canada does not look like my town the whole episode.

Okay. Back to the ep.


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