It started out terrible--waking up late and rushing for a doctor's appointment that my mother forgot to tell me she had moved to next week, getting a BAD hair cut (The woman chopped my hair off. After I told her I wanted to keep most of the length.).


I got offered a job. :) Or well, had someone demand I put in an application.

So, my parents are enrolling my siblings into the Sylvan Learning Center (Have you heard of it?). Mostly because there are terrible algebra teachers at the high school and Emily wants to be a pediatrician, so she can't afford to have a bad math grade, and Nathan needs a better SAT score to get into Purdue if he wants to have anything to do with planes.

They took the test last week, and today my mom went in to hear the results and figure out what kind of programs they need to be in. She took me along because, as she loves to tell me every time she drags me to something like this, I know how to explain things to her so she can understand them.

So here I am, explaining what these test scores mean, and reading through Emily's test and figuring out how and why she did poorly on the picking out the main idea section, and how exactly T notes help with math and explaining to the woman the types of classes that are held out their highschool and asking the questions Mom forgets but always expects me to remember (this is not the first time she has dragged me to something like this) and then the woman stops, asks me what my major is in college, and tells me I should work there.

In fact, through out the meeting, she kept making comments like, "I can tell you're smart and that you know what you are talking about. We could use you here. Have you thought about teaching? You would be good at it. You want to edit and publish books? That's great. Have you thought about working in a writing tutoring program?"

And basically, giving me an impromptu interview, and trying to sell me on the job right there.

AND THEN, as we were leaving, she told me to sit down, and that she didn't care if I wanted a job there or not, she was not letting me leave without filling out an application. I told her I didn't have a teaching degree, and she said it didn't matter, that I could work under a teacher in the writing program, and that they needed someone with computer and writing skills and that they could find a place for me. And that she was going to personally recommend me.

And here I've been applying to retail and fast food stores. This is WAY better than that.

Cross your fingers for me guys, 'cause I really want this job.


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