So, thanks to [ profile] longsufferingly and her story I've become ridiculously addicted to this stupid Robot Unicorn Attack game. Its very pink, and sparkly and the soundtrack is atrocious and yet catchy at the same time.

You should go play it.

Seriously. Go play it and then read her J2 story based off of it, where Jared is a robot unicorn who is sure that there has to be more to life than just running and jumping from land mass to land mass and exploding stars with his horn, and Jensen is an angry, sparkly dolphin who likes to jump and frolic in the waves--and no, he doesn't find that emasculating in the slightest.

It's great crack. :D

I don't know how she takes these crazy ideas that seem really stupid and then turn them into quirky, well written and endearing little ficlets. She amazes me.


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