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( Mar. 12th, 2010 07:12 am)
I got so so drunk last night. I ended up cuddling the whole night (I am a very cuddly drunk. I mean, extremely touchy-feely) with a guy who graduated from my high school two years after me that I've never really talked to before and who was in a band with my little sister.

Ah, alcohol. Bringing random people together.

It's really early in the morning right now and I have eleven people passed out in my apartment, but I can't sleep. Mostly because my bed was claimed before I could get to it, so I ended up on the floor, and this guy Patterson on my couch snores really really loud. It kept waking me up.

Last night was fun. Now I just need all the zombies in my apartment to wake up so I can kick them out and start cleaning. I have a doctor's appointment at one.


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