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( Feb. 22nd, 2010 07:55 pm)
So, I'm a little under 8,000 words into my Big Bang fic. It's not the Lawyer!Sam story though. That one requires a whole lot of research and my life is a little too crazy for that right now, so I'm putting that idea on the back burner and doing something a little lighter.

The AU story I started in December about Jared's boyfriend dumping him two days before Christmas so he kidnaps Jensen and forces him to pretend to be his boyfriend in front of his family was turning out to be much longer than I originally thought it was going to to be. (I was thinking seven, eight thousand tops. Now I'm eight thousand words in and barely even beginning.) So I'm going to do that one instead. Sure, May isn't exactly Christmas season, but I'm having fun with it.

What I really need now is a Beta. (And maybe a slave driver. Seriously. I need some motivation.) I posted a request at a Spn/J2 beta community back in December, but didn't get any replies. Anyone willing to beta this for me? Or, failing that, know where I can find a good beta?


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