So I was rewatching a few Veronica Mars episodes when I was suddenly attacked by a Supernatural/Veronica Mars crossover bunny. (I tell you, those bunnies are vicious, vicious creatures.) So. Here's the basic idea:

Even though Veronica ended up going to Hearst she got accepted to Standford, right? Well the idea is that she does end up going to Stanford. While there she rooms with a blonde girl named Jessica. The two become really good friends, rooming together again sophomore year and part of junior year until Jess moves in her with her boyfriend, one Sam Winchester. Of course, we all know what happens to Jess, but Veronica, being Veronica, doesn't accept the fire as an accident and starts digging.

She finds things don't add up. Especially when she looks into the past of Sam, who, incidentally, mysteriously disappeared with his never before seen brother just two weeks after Jess's death. Devastated by the death of yet another close friend, and hellbent on finding out the truth and getting some justice, maybe even revenge, Veronica takes a break from school and decides to go on a little road trip.

She was going to track down the Winchesters and find out whatever it is they're hiding. But what she finds isn't anything like she expected.

Of course, I'm not going to write this, I have enough on my plate, but I thought I'd share. :)
A question for the Buffy fans on my flist:

Is there some sort of community like [ profile] spnstoryfinders were someone can go and make a post about how they're looking for a fic where "so and so does this and I think this happens and it was all really blah blah blah, and I'd really like to read it again can somebody help me?" and then other fans who know what they are talking about can post a link?

'Cause there should be. It's damn useful.


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