So me and my sister started on season 4 today. After we finished the episode, Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester, and I turned and asked her what she thought. You know, since this is the episode that basically changes a lot of what Supernatural is about, bringing in Angels, Lucifer, the 66 seals and the Apocalypse and all that. So here's our conversation.

Sis: I think I need to pause and reflect on this episode.
Me: Yeah, it changes a lot.
Sis: I liked Caspian--
Me: Castiel.
Sis: --Castiel. He was hot.
Me: Yeah, Misha Collins is awesome.
Sis: Okay. Next episode.
Me: I thought you need to reflect?
Sis: I'm done reflecting.

Conclusion: Castiel is hot. It was a deep conversation.


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