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( Feb. 4th, 2010 03:52 pm)
So, thanks to the Supernatural friending meme, I've a got a lot of new friends. And I want to know about you. So come talk to me! Just comment on here with something about you, like, I don't know--how you got into the Supernatural fandom to begin with, or what you think would be the crackiest pairing or some opinions you have that you think are rather unpopular. Tell me what you usually post on your journal about or just babble at me about your family, your job, another fandom that you are currently in love with. Just anything.

(Maybe I should have found some kind of organized question meme or something.)

And this goes for my old friends--if you feel like babbling at me about something, babble away!
So, I haven't watched Supernatural yet because my TV is broken and my roommate claimed the living room first, and though I made sure to set the DVR she is still in there watching her crap reality TV and I'm seeing all these caps locked entries from my new friends on my flist and it is DRIVING ME UP THE WALL. My roommate usually goes to bed early every night. I mean, like way early.

Why did she choose today to stay up late?? WHY?


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