My loans came in.

I want to like, fucking cry in relief. You see, due to some mistake and a whole bunch of misunderstandings, only one of my loans came in last semester, and it wasn't even enough to cover my whole tuition. So, even with my parents helping me out some with rent, I've been scraping just to get enough money to pay utilities every month. Forget about going out with friends or actually shopping for good food. I've been living off of ramen and peanut butter for months.

But not only did my loans for this semester come, my loans for last semester finally came in as well. So even with my tuition and the cost of rent and utilities for the next six months or so, I've got like, six thousand dollars of financial padding.

God, I'm going to go shopping. For food. Real, actual food. That I have to like, cook and everything. And I'm going to donate money to help out Haiti. Just yesterday I was looking at the Misha's Minions page at the UNICEF website, and wishing I had the money to donate. And now I do.

But the first thing I'm going to do after I deposit this check? I'm going out to eat Mexican food with my cousin, who, like me has had her own financial problems and has been surviving on ramen for months. Only unlike me, she has house payments, school tuition and a kid. We're going to eat awesome Mexican food from our favorite restaurant, drink Margaritas, and go see that movie we've both been wanting to see but didn't want to splurge on.

My medication has finally kicked in, and though I don't feel one hundred percent yet, I feel better than I have in months and it is time to celebrate.
My reaction:

Shit! Shit, Joss! Shit! God! What? Huh?

Oh my fucking god!

I just... and he was... and.. Gah!

What. The. Hell.

*whimpers pathetically*

Also, I don't know what it is about this show, but I'm like shipping everyone with everyone. Seriously. I love Caroline/Bennet and Bennet/Topher and Topher/Ivy and Paul/Mellie and yeah. The only two I really love together exclusively is Victor/Sierra.


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