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( Jan. 6th, 2010 02:41 am)
Yay! My sidebar animations are working again! *dances* I was getting really sick of those ugly photobucket images. Blech.
My mother just found a box of acne pills on top of the fridge. The kind of pills that you have to get a prescription for, and before they allow you to take them you have to sign a contract swearing that you're not pregnant and that you are not taking any other kind of medicine that the doctor doesn't know about. The same kind of pills that my brother was on that my mom thinks might be the reason for his depression, since it's one of the side of effects. And we don't know whose pills they are.

So, naturally, she is flipping the fuck out.

She's been yelling at my sister, thinking that one of her friends, (Who gave her some face was one time) gave it to her, then yelling at Nathan, then yelling at my dad because his sister once suggested for Nathan the acne prescription she had. The only one she hasn't been yelling at is me, but she keeps having me read the directions and warnings on the box over and over and over again.

I guess I should be pleased she knows I'm not stupid enough to take someone else's prescribed drugs, but really I'm just annoyed.


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