Had the endoscopy today. Was a little nervous about it, but the good thing is that my appointment was at 10:30 in the morning and they were a half hour behind, so I got to watch an episode of Supernatural on TNT while I waited, which made things a little better. :) (Although my mother was watching with me and she said she thought neither Jared nor Jensen were cute at all. *horrified gasp*)

Well, the doc said just looking at things that it doesn't seem like I have Celiac's or any kind of bacterial infection, but that they took biopsies anyway, and that we'll get the results of those later.

Man, they gave me so much drugs. I was knocked out. Apparently, they give more sedative to young people because we're supposed to have a high metabolism, but what they forgot to take into account was the fact that I have hypothyroidism and that I have a lower metabolism because of it. (Not to mention that if I'm sleeping so much my metabolism is going to be slow anyway.) So, instead of waking up and being slightly sleepy when I got home, I could barely walk out of the car (my dad had to help me) and I was in a drugged sleep all day. Apparently my mother woke me up several times to give me my thyroid medication then my vitamin D supplement, but I don't remember either.

The doctor came and talked to us for about ten minutes after the procedure, but I don't really remember much of it. My mom recorded the conversation on her iPhone though, and well, it was really weird listening to it. I talked to the doctor for a good while, but I don't remember saying all these things. I think I wavering in and out with the drugs, because sometime I sounded perfectly awake, and was asking perfectly logical questions and responding properly to what the doctor said, and at other I just kept going on about how much I love cheese and how I didn't want to give it up, and how I knew I had a milk allergy for years and in high school I would pay the extra five cents everyday to get the watery orange drink rather than a milk pint.

Yeah. Totally drugged, haha.

Anyway, I did talk to him about giving up both gluten and milk, and he said that it was something doctor's do to figure out if it'll make me feel better, but that he doesn't think my milk allergy would have anything to do with my fatigue, and that it makes sense to only give up one at a time, to see which one helps (if any) than to give up both at the same time and not know which effected me.

So that's what I'm going to do.

Goodbye gluten. *waves sadly*

Tomorrow mom and I are going over Whole Foods to check out what they have, because Lord knows my house right now is a gluten fest.

So gluten-free here I come. And I think that deserves the brave Scarlett icon, though it's funny that it's taken from the scene where she swears never to be hungry again and I'm deciding to give up a large portion of my diet.


From: [identity profile] paceyringwald.livejournal.com

Why are those doctors always eager stuff us with sedatives? I cannot handle the sedatives either. :/

Good bye gluten. Nooooooooo!!! :(((
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From: [personal profile] cordykitten

My mom recorded the conversation on her iPhone though
Very clever!
Sometimes even doctors don't think (over-drugging).

I really hope getting gluten-free will help.


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